Jingmen double fund for innovation power

Provides the "double"

Jingmen fund for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial people demand, to understand it, a policy to help entrepreneurs would be a lot easier.

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation", the surging tide of like a raging fire in the background, I actively explore, bold practice, bend. Following last year’s introduction of entrepreneurial innovation is known as the "golden 30" of the "CPC Jingmen Municipal Committee, Jingmen Municipal People’s Government on promoting public entrepreneurship, innovation views", this year issued a "Jingmen entrepreneurial innovation guide fund management approach".

the establishment of entrepreneurship and innovation to guide the fund size of 580 million yuan, key support of Jingmen city science and technology innovative Small and micro businesses entrepreneurship and innovation. In order to further strengthen the publicity fund policy, fund and precise docking innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students, so that policies are implemented, so that innovation and entrepreneurship fund to get their support in the evening of March 28th, "agricultural Valley · Jingmen City Innovation Fund Guide" into the university special activities in Jingchu University of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation for refueling, power.



unsecured loans, students apply for funds to equity, intellectual property rights and the third party guarantee (including professional multi-creation incubator space, etc.) or according to the innovation and entrepreneurship service review recommended documents and other collateral or guarantees; no interest rates go up, fund loan interest rates for different discount rate, the start-up period of the implementation of the loan over the same period the national benchmark lending rate.

discount loans, funds of less than 1 million yuan loan to the individual applicant, within 2 years to give loans to 80% of the benchmark interest rate discount; loans of less than 100 thousand yuan, in addition to the national limit of 9 industries, 3 years to give full discount; long time use, the use of funds for a period of 12 months, the most long 24 months.

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