The poor guy hit two hundred million of the net worth two dollars

, a poor boy who is only two dollars, but who can think of is the humble two dollars made his extraordinary life, now worth a lot of money, to become a successful businessman genuine goods at a fair price.

red bike

to the provincial capital

he was not what technology, unusually difficult to find a job, finally can only follow a teacher to learn to repair bicycles. At that time, his idea is very simple: art does not press people, learn some skills, can be mixed after eating rice."

2 years of apprenticeship, earned 20 thousand yuan, "at that time during the day in addition to bicycle repair shop, but also in the evening to the bicycle factory to install bicycle, work hard, but the harvest." The results so that he still remember, a less than 20 year old young people have a $20 thousand, that time is rare."

The time to repair the bike for

from the business started to close the bottle

bold Liu Yudong with more than 10 thousand dollars, then came to the popular Lanling liquor distillery. The factory director turned him down. Liu Yudong was not discouraged, "he doesn’t serve me, I will not go," Liu Yudong recalled in the director’s coaching, he traveled throughout Ji’nan, including Shanghe, Jiyang and other places close the bottle.

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