What are the low threshold College Students Entrepreneurship

college students entrepreneurship is not a new topic, in the school business has become a lot of college students create amateur life. So what are college students venture capital is relatively low threshold and reliable?


"welcome to join the" cool, PubMed tribe "there is air conditioning, tea……" A ready to graduate students, the room layout into its own room, popular students welcome.

here every day from open 7 am to 11 pm, monthly rent seats, 90 yuan per month, can also be charged by the day, 4 yuan a day.


] bedroom snack shop

[graduation season to sell second-hand goods, earn money]

new school season

every year graduation season and the school season, is a great time to make money off the old students, a group, a group of new lead. During the annual graduation season, some college graduates had not worn out four years of College in the school to sell goods, goods are also very rich, including books, fan, computer desk, clothes, shoes, blankets, hot water bottle, the price is quite cheap. In the new season, the business can be more prosperous. Richwood Reed said financial planner freshmen to buy all kinds of daily necessities, in great demand, this time there are business minded college students can be said to make enough living expenses.

] stall to make money


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