The car insurance claims flooded rainstorm disaster

under the rain, people still can hide in the shelter inside, but a lot of the car but can only be parked outdoors, even a parking lot, but also because of geographical reasons, causing the car flooded too many to count the number of. For the numerous owners, these cars flooded to payment, naturally become the concern of the.

a storm, let Nanjing suffer a lot of vehicles". According to the reporter, Jiangsu PICC, Ping An insurance Jiangsu branch, the earth insurance Jiangsu branch, Zijin insurance data to rough statistics, the storm has let Nanjing at least more than 6 thousand cars "pawo". "Tianlou" owners inside the "collapse": what kind of insurance claim? What kind of situation can only pay? Insurance claims experts for your weapon.

car parking state flooded pay?

don’t worry, the vast majority will lose

this storm caused by the loss of vehicle insurance company compensation? Jiangsu PICC Property Insurance Claims Department introduced the people, because most of the vehicles are flooded, interior decoration, electronic parts, gearbox and engine loss problem. These losses in the case of the owners are relatively adequate insurance, the vast majority of compensation can be obtained. The company will be based on the terms of the insurance agreement, and actively coordinate the relevant agencies to carry out the rescue and repair of damaged vehicles, and try to consider the interests of customers, quick and reasonable payment, at no expense to compensate for the loss.


insurance company Jiangsu branch, who also introduced: as long as the insured car damage insurance, car parking condition can be flooded, claims.

how the car "crowning calamity" claims?


reference rate of depreciation will normally be set after total compensation

6 evening, who lives in a district of Nanjing or the car parked in the underground garage area, the 7 day morning, stay away: "the crowning calamity! I can only see the roof." Mr. Zhang told reporters that his report, after the insurance company after the survey suggested that he: "it can be scrapped, car damage loss". 4S shop also called condolences.

like Mr Zhang, can be awarded "crowning calamity" how much? The reporter consulted the two parties informed: if the insurance company claims the affected vehicles compartments flooded over the height of the dashboard, even if the repair is meaningless, the insurance company will usually advise owners by way of constructive total loss. According to the actual value (at the time of the accident car purchase price after deducting depreciation amount) negotiated loss compensation, damaged vehicles recovered by the insurance companies.

general car depreciation rate is 0.6% per month, an annual rate of 7.2%. For example recommended

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