Which roadside snack items popular

said the roadside stalls snacks are not clean, can not eat, do not eat what is good for the body, but small to say, it is hypocritical, and not every day to eat, so delicious things for human beings and their isolation, it is a torture. Sometimes we should abandon some kind of inherent idea to choose the one we like best.

now start the snack business friends in a variety of street snacks, which are currently the most popular street snack? Here may wish to follow the small series of steps up and look at the moment the most popular 10 Street food.

roadside stalls are the most popular snack

1, barbecue

speaking of barbecue, everyone will think of a variety of snack street barbecue, barbecue is always with a civilian delicacy in the hearts of the people occupied a large proportion, so the market is relatively broad barbecue. Summer has come, the people’s nightlife has become rich. In knots go out to eat barbecue, drink beer has become commonplace.

2, Malatang

if you want to give our snacks to rank them in it, then the Malatang absolutely can be ranked in the top three. No matter how the country local taste, spicy street snacks are the first, people have been reduced to love malatang. Malatang have been a very love popular delicacy, it affordable ingredients many consumers have more choices, but also do not have to worry about the problem of Tastes differ all tastes.


, iron squid

said squid, I believe many people have tasted the taste, but we may have been cooking. Squid in recent years into the city’s high streets and back lanes slitted, squid after pickled ginger, cooking wine and salt and other ingredients, taste more delicious.

will handle the pickled squid fried after a sprinkle sauce, chopped green onion, strange smell can be heard everywhere squid, the suddenness of a thunderbolt attracted delicious mouth.

4, baked gluten

is the rise of baked gluten will catch a barbecue on both sides of the Changjiang River leisure snack food in recent years, regardless of the city or the countryside, the elderly, children or employees, the characteristics of baked gluten delicious snacks is the favorite of the people, has a very broad consumer market.

5, hamburger


" on the tongue China once described: "in Xi’an, hamburger bun is the best local.

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