The world’s largest grassroots entrepreneurial activities landing in Ningbo

with the idea of entrepreneurship, we should actively apply it to real life, in short is the business need to continue to practice, do not avoid empty talk, recently, the world’s largest grassroots entrepreneurial activities in Zhejiang Ningbo started.

have the idea, but empty talk in front of the computer? No like-minded partners? Do not know whether the project will be poured cold water market? Recently, a hot WeChat news scratched the customer’s itch place: to participate in Ningbo’s first venture weekend, entrepreneurship does not talk, play really!

automatic dust moxibustion frame, can produce 4D images of the digital platform, all sorts of strange things 3D popsicle, between the couple remote sensor lights, with alarm and weighing suitcase…… Love what idea, where group pushing operations. The organizers also invited from industry, academia and investment advisor for the players, "kaixiaozao".

54 hours must come up with real things. Some of the players get together to discuss, and some deep study. The working environment like the United States early hit off the warehouse, movable chairs, whiteboard pen Gammack, minimalist decoration, all this is like, we grassroots, but pragmatic. Mark, a startup weekend (Startup  Weekend) is a non-profit organization headquartered in the United States, is the world’s largest grassroots entrepreneurial activities, has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities have many "fans", other city is currently looking for more like-minded people.

is the climax of the roadshow. Although crude, each group took out the beta".

"4D phenomenon, which woman can refuse?" Four pieces of dark glass build "Pyramid" cast a sing song guy around crowd, four angles of genuineness see.

"out overnight, can automatic dust, but also according to the length of the lit moxa moxa, dynamic regulation and the distance between the skin." Come to recommend

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