What are the current changes in the field of automotive beauty

with the reform and opening up the economy after rising continuously in the development of domestic industries and has been rapid development, especially in the automotive beauty to join this industry, with the increase of car beauty practitioners private cars also increase! Now the market after years of development, the current market? What has changed? Today, Xiaobian to introduce to you briefly!

1. channel: popular business model. Automotive beauty products have become an important branch of large online shopping platform, Gome online mall Jingdong such as suning.com, from the end of 2012. The biggest advantage is that the operation cost is much less than the store, but also in line with the current mainstream consumer customers’ habits, after all, now a mainstream Car Buying is "70", "80", these people are more love online shopping. According to incomplete statistics, after the change in the mode of electricity supplier, operating profit margin generally increased by 30% – 40%.

2. products: replace the seat cushion market. At present, the car industry has gradually been replaced by the car seat industry. The current market related cushion products up to hundreds of species, the rate of expansion agent in seating industry, amazing, many brands have emerged collective agents exit events. The reason is because of the use of frequency is higher than the seat cushion.

3. positioning change: high-end clubs emerge one after another. Before the domestic car care, car beauty shop seems to be the size of the customers can take, often in the car beauty shop, can see Porsche, Martha Lahti and other luxury cars, can also see Geely, Xiali low-end domestic car. With the fierce market competition, more and more operators began to subdivide the market, especially the market for high-end high-end clubs started 10493, like Chengdu, Chongqing, Beijing and other places of high-end car beauty club, despite the remote location, but its turnover is often the public store several times, high returns but also allow more investors started to pay attention to the high-end market.

summary: no matter how the market changes, as investors, the key is to choose a reliable good investment brand, small as we recommend the dragon day car beauty chain brand, cry to know, it is a high-end positioning in the owners of the service, to create car beauty service model to join a club like brand! Take the brand, specialization, characteristics of the road! In the local open, high recognition! And professional, characteristics, brand is the mainstream of future business development model! If you want to enter the field of automotive beauty investors, you are welcome to choose dragon car beauty!

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