How to treat the old business out of thin air

entrepreneurship is the current fashion hot words, how to start? How to find a way to start a business? Looking for entrepreneurial trick? The following may, approached the old Sir, take a look at how he treated his entrepreneurial venture, see is out of thin air theory!

we review, also have regret place.

Zhou Hongyi sin. 3721 is the biggest rogue software.

today this occasion is not to talk about specific issues, I think the Tmall eleven is important for the whole Chinese electronic commerce industry, especially B2B, C2C industry, bring you lots of new ideas. Our platform and Tmall Taobao Jingdong model is not the same, where the birth of the first day sales of completely free brand, we draw the line is very clear, we have no intention to join the price war, not much thought.


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