Take the medicine when the mouse drinks 5 children looking for specific drug poisoning

mistook rat poison when the drink, Henan Anyang 5 children on the way home pick up roadside drink beverage bottles, all lead to poisoning. WeChat in the hospital looking for specific drugs, the children have been out of danger.

1 15, Anyang County, the 5 year old children in school on the road, when the mouse will be mistaken for a drink drink, followed by convulsions and other phenomena. After the incident, 5 children were admitted to the hospital, because there is no specific medicine, hospital doctor micro letter for help.

"emergency notification: Anyang county has five children eating fluoroacetamide poisoning, now the city people’s Hospital in urgent need of acetamide (aka: acetamide), people’s Hospital of the medicine, please as soon as possible and acetamide unit medical teaching department or the people’s Hospital, people’s hospital will send someone to buy……" Since January 15th, many people in Anyang have forwarded the contents of the WeChat.

17 PM, Anyang People’s Hospital, a staff member, WeChat is their hair, sent to hospital for treatment of 5 children from Anyang County, aged five or six years.

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