The denatured bestie into his girlfriend friends for love like

, a British woman denatured bestie into his girlfriend, although two people love the family was opposed and thwarted, but eventually gained the understanding, they are full of hope for the future.

JamieRaines is a student at the University of Essex, UK, also YouTube the reds. Jamie was a girl, at the age of four, she suddenly realized that he is not a boy?

in the next time, she has been plagued by the trouble. She didn’t care about it, and thought that the idea would disappear when she reached puberty. So, at the age of 18, he began receiving testosterone therapy. This treatment will allow JamieRaines to appear in the body of male hormones, changing his voice and body. For example, grow a beard. He made a decision to change his daily record with photos, let everyone see the process himself, and he became the network reds.

He is going to record only a year when

however the degeneration process today say the key is not Jamie, this guy, in addition, there is a very legendary experience, he has a girlfriend, the girlfriend was supposed to be her bestie.

things to say to his high school, he met ShaabaLotun, he is now the girlfriend in high school at that time. At the time of the first meeting, Shaaba in fact, he did not have much good impression, when the only common point is that everyone likes photography. So then they in a photography class as students, every day they meet each other, gradually familiar, and finally become a bestie.

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