Yuba ten brand list

now countless people in the bathroom are installed in a bathroom, it has almost become a product without Jiezhuang process. After all, is the preferred equipment for heating Yuba families when bathing, especially in the winter without heating in the south, if not a bully, bathing is simply a very terrible thing. Selection of Yuba is also a very prudent thing, especially to prevent burn eyes in waterproof and waterproof, mainly because of the installation in the bathroom, there will be a lot of water if the water is not good, it will cause short-circuit; prevent burn eyes is mainly to the baby, even adults, watching the light will affect the long-term visual acuity, severe blindness is more likely. So pick a brand Yuba security is very important! Here to introduce the Yuba ten brands list!

ten Yuba brand rankings, Aupu NO.1, A Well-Known Trademark in China, Hangzhou Aupu Electric Appliance Co., attention to sanitary appliances manufacturers.

ten Yuba brand ranking NO.2, Shanghai feidiao Electrical Appliance Group Co. Ltd., in large-scale manufacturing enterprises, research, import and export trade.

ten Yuba brand rankings, NO.3 Dinmei Dingmei – Zhejiang dingemi Electrical Appliance Co. Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise.

ten Yuba brand ranking NO.4, BOLN BOLN, Zhejiang BOLN Electric Co. Ltd., the most competitive brands of high-end integrated ceiling industry.

ten Yuba brand ranking NO.5, OPPLE OPPLE, A Well-Known Trademark in China, Zhongshan OPPLE lighting Limited by Share Ltd, high-tech enterprises.

ten Yuba brand ranking NO.6, well – industry famous brand, Zhejiang Chuqiao Electric Co., China art founder of smallpox.

ten Yuba brand rankings, NO.7 beauty Midea A Well-Known Trademark in China, Chinese 500, listed companies, Midea Group Co. Ltd., a large home appliance group.

A leader in

‘s ten brands list NO.8 Yuba, Yuba national industry brand, Shanghai Longsheng Industry Co. Ltd., a member of Chinese building decoration association.

ten Yuba brand ranking NO.9, Matsushita Panasonic – the world’s top 500, large multinational companies, Panasonic (China) Co. ltd..

ten Yuba brand rankings, NO.10 Sakura from Taiwan Chinese Sakura, Sakura kitchen (China) Limited by Share Ltd, Jiang.

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