Zhejiang a few million van Guaceng millions of Lamborghini

on the first day of the new year, a car accident in Zhejiang, a van Lamborghini. Pictures from the scene, Lamborghini was badly damaged. At present, the police are still dealing with the accident.

More than three

1 1 afternoon, Zhejiang city of Jinhua province Yiwu Temple Village Road, a car as long as forty thousand or fifty thousand yuan van and the value of millions of Lamborghini sports car scratch collision. From the scene photos, Lamborghini car damage is more serious, and the responsibility of the car should be bigger… It is reported that the van only pay strong insurance, no commercial insurance. The owner of the psychological shadow area!

the scene someone said: Van only to pay high insurance, no commercial insurance. It was also said that this car Lamborghini is probably a well-known Yiwu photo group mister.

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