Shop named Miss package cited controversy

    even the same word may have different understandings in different times. "Miss" is a word, in ancient times if it is called, will only make people think this is a great lady. However, in the current era, I am afraid not many girls would like to be called. What’s more, it is still an awkward name for "bag lady". However, now there is a shop selling packages named Miss package, so many passers-by embarrassment.

    today (August 1st) a public phone, there is a very wonderful shop in the western suburbs of Xi’an, a lot of people through all the whining, face embarrassment, this is what happened?

    reporters came to the west of Xi’an near a road, after looking and finally found the flower shop, and its wonderful lies was called miss package".

    in fact, the shop to see, we can see that this may be just a bag selling shops only, but so controversial and put it under the name of a public occasion, passing to and fro people to see, and think?

    passers-by: "not good, awkward, intentional.

    the public: "in order to cause people to pay attention to, look carefully is a sell package, the actual name is not good, a little yellow."

    reporter observed a little more than a dozen shops around the name of the only special, here is particularly conspicuous. It is not like you said, so name the owner for striking, reporters then call the telephone rental shops posted at the entrance, a staff member came to the scene.

    staff: "this is the developers to write, developers do advertising, this shop is not me, this is the principal I help you rent out, people who rent, what to sell things, never mind with the name."

    citizens: someone posted ten dollars a night, the police station to check it."

    staff said that this shop has not yet been rented, has been in a state of idle, so the above ads will be no one tube. In fact, advertising to attract businesses and customers understandable, but this is indeed a bit of creativity is not appropriate.


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