Wang Wei and his three stories

Wang Wei, who is the founder,! His success inspired countless people, he is plain sailing? Didn’t he have any risks? Here and let Xiaobian for everyone to introduce his story, let you see, in the face of the problem, he is how to solve.

2005 April 15th, when a total of 5 potatoes. Will be early in the morning. I and my development engineer, two people staring at the computer screen, in the end whether or not to hesitate to release tudou. There are several Bug repair." My development engineer said, "I’m scared. Do you want to wait a few more days? "


"release?" I asked my engineers. In the morning. "Release", I said, "damn I have paid 800 dollars for the press release. No refund." The fearless. I was on the Internet China dangerous and difficult, completely ignorant. Put yourself into a piece of money to spend, stay a minute dangerous impasse, is another way to overcome fear.

potatoes on the line after only a few days, IDG Gao Xiang got me. The first time we met, we were chatting in the garden of Lena, Shanghai. From noon to chat until the night, a full chat for 11.5 hours, each drank a liter of beer, 5. Then met Mao Chengyu, Yang Fei, of course, as well as Zhang Suyang.

10 month, I went to Beijing. Su Yang and Yang Fei are in the conference room. We talked for 15 minutes. "Wang Wei, that’s what we thought," said Su yang. I thought for a moment and said, "shall I go to the bathroom?". The corner is. Shall I go with you? "Said Yang Fei. Special enthusiasm.

"no.." I spilled my urine, came back and said, "let’s do it together." So we went through the 4 round of financing, the company and my personal turmoil and risks, after the

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