Why can open glasses store to earn huge profits

even a layman, we all know that the industry is really a big glasses of a huge industry profits, it is worth our entrepreneurial choice. However, the profits are only reached a consensus, why the store will have huge profits, but many people do not know. So, why can open glasses shop to earn huge profits?

High profit

glasses shop, more than insiders know, even the consumers also are clear, but also accustomed to this, why did this happen? It is necessary to talk about the source of products from the glasses, the glasses industry due to its specific, excessive packaging of the "high and fine property, the price has been high, the fundamental reason of the following small series with a look at the huge glasses shop.

First we look at the

is called the "glasses city" in Danyang City, glasses, glasses wholesale stores everywhere. In the field of inquiry, the owner revealed that the wholesale price of most of its lenses in the single digits to ten digits, shocked, we are engaged in this industry has been confirmed in the mouth of a friend. Why is the cost of such products, to the hands of consumers has become a profit of more than 90% of the high price?

there is a big reason is that the glasses shop now belongs to monopoly industries, glasses need to involve optometry, grinding, top with multiple procedures, ordinary people can not be completed, so must go to the shop to buy glasses.

then opened a shop for mid-level optometrist, working with the documents, it also makes the shop shop threshold is relatively high, if there is no doorway, even open shop could not find a way to.

although the market now has a lot of glasses shop, but do not think it is a simple thing to open an optical shop, there are still many constraints. Coupled with the current needs of this market is so huge, therefore, to open an optical shop, naturally became a good choice to make profits.

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