Guangdong introduction of employment and entrepreneurship to promote entrepreneurship

now the country are trying to promote entrepreneurial activities of people at the same time, the whole society is the entrepreneurial environment has been further optimized, in Guangdong in order to promote employees’ Entrepreneurship and employment, launched a series of measures.

"opinion" is divided into six parts, a total of 30, including in-depth implementation of employment strategy, vigorously promote entrepreneurship, promote the overall development of college graduates and other key groups of employment, improve public employment service level, to promote higher quality employment etc..


"opinion", people’s governments at or above the county level to improve the government responsible person led employment work coordination mechanism, employment and entrepreneurship work into the performance evaluation, detailed objectives and tasks, the implementation of the policy, employment service, capital investment, public satisfaction index, increased weight, and layers of decomposition, and supervise the implementation.

highlights: enterprise subsidies   staff layoffs should develop a resettlement program stability;

"opinion" in promoting employment at the same time, also proposed to prevent the risk of unemployment. The implementation of the unemployment insurance fund to support enterprises stable job policy, policy implementation will be expanded to all qualified enterprises, for no layoffs, layoffs, fewer jobs and stable enterprises, according to the enterprise and its employees last year to pay half of the total amount of unemployment insurance fee to post steady subsidies, the funds from the unemployment insurance fund expenses.

to do layoffs, should formulate personnel placement plan, the implementation of special Employment Assistance Act, properly handle labor relations and social insurance continuation.

two highlights: personal business loans 200 thousand   support for "


"opinions" put forward, to vigorously promote entrepreneurship. To support the listing of enterprises, to enter the National SME share transfer system and the regional equity trading market listing financing. Promote the development of regional equity trading market norms, support enterprises to raise funds through a variety of bond financing. Carry out the Internet to raise public finance and equity financing pilot, the development of new financial institutions and financial services institutions.

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