Hardware merchant shop location announced

now some hardware store is common in life, at the same time, I want to open a more lucrative hardware store, it’s very important to master certain business rules, especially in the hardware store location, people should still pay attention to some of the.

usually hardware businesses in the store location in the process, always hope to find the flow of the most concentrated area, the flow of people think more is better location. Some people even look at the rent, the rent is more expensive shop. In fact, these views are more comprehensive and general, find the shop just to flow may be rent will put you into a trap: rent, high cost, large passenger flow, but is into the store rate is low, the turnover rate is low, low profits. This "three high and three low" phenomenon will make you more than the lack of clear".

face "dot" and "flawed" nature is human impression, and the shop "spots", also will affect the customer to the store recommended

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