The 35 year old is poor you deserve poor finish scold awake

you are poor, because you have no ambition

was immediately met with strong opposition from the relatives and friends. In fact, the determination is not the biggest I have great confidence in the Internet, but I think to do one thing, regardless of failure and success, experience is a kind of success, you go to try again, you can not turn; but if you do not think thousand roads like night, morning walk the road the same reason,  ."

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third cannot read

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A, because with no work permit, she was the doorman stopped at the door, are not allowed to enter. She told the guard, exactly what is the company’s employees, this is for the company to buy office supplies. However, she said a lot of good words, the guard is still dismissive of her, she was not allowed to enter. During this period, she looked at those who are similar in age, dressed in white-collar workers have entered the door of the company, did not produce a work permit.

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