Marketing requires the use of wisdom

how to do a good job of marketing, which is not hard to do, especially in such a fierce competition for modern fit. So, if you want to do a good job of marketing, it is necessary to use wisdom, so that it can really make marketing work in place, so that their career can be better development.

in the west, many publishers to sell books and their brains, emerge in an endless stream. A wise man came up with a clever way, he sent the president a book, and again and again to seek the views of the busy corporate president was unwilling to dwell with him, he went back to the sentence: "this book is good!" The publisher will treasure, advertising: "the current president love books for sale." So, these books were sold.

soon, the book publishers have sold, then followed. And send a book to the president, the president had once in a while, the price, he said: "this book publishers at worst!" Did not want to or in the publisher’s account. The publisher then made a big ad: "the president hates the sale of books!"

people rush to buy out of curiosity, the book sold. Third, publisher of the book will be sent to the president, the president accepted the first two lessons, simply closed "Chrysostom, ignored. But in the end still publishers take advantage of this time he did advertising is: "the current president the following conclusions difficult books for sale, to buy as soon as possible!" Actually has been looted.

in the marketing, as a commodity sales quality, have a great relationship with the marketing marketing method and marketing wisdom, in the tradition of "sell themselves" has been "wine is also afraid of deep alley replaced goods also need to frequently" call "and also will" call "this requires, in the marketing of wisdom.

"Xiyingmen supermarket" in the area of little fame, the shops operating in the old version of Li Quanming is a man of business stratagem and wisdom.

last spring, Li Quanming in the supermarket agent for the correction of myopia glasses. However, due to the brand of similar products too much, although the supermarket has done a lot of publicity, but still did not have a good sales performance. Selling goods is to sell services, good service, distinctive service to attract the attention of consumers." Li Quanming thought. He called an eye doctor from a local hospital, and in front of the shop put on a table, launched a personalized service for customers to check the free eye. "Supermarkets also have a doctor?" Curiosity attracted a large number of consumers, the supermarket’s popularity soared.

Li Quanming knows that his shop in size, strength, service facilities are unable to communicate with the big supermarkets, shopping malls, but he believes that as long as their "wisdom" and "courage", the shop also.

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