Yunnan first identified 36 different types of provincial public space

With the rapid development of

Chinese entrepreneurship, business incubator platform diversification began to emerge, various types of Yunnan multi-creation space increasing the number of entrepreneurial projects and entrepreneurial team, help the smooth development of the cause of different types.

it is reported that this year, Yunnan has issued "on the development of the public record space for promoting mass innovation and entrepreneurship implementation opinions", "Yunnan province public record that space management measures" and a series of policy measures, clear objectives, tasks and measures of the province’s public record space construction, and arrange for 20 million yuan of financial funds, and actively build innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem vitality, diversity, and speed up the formation of a lively situation of entrepreneurship, innovation mass.

recently mainly to build the Jinding Science Park multi-creation space core area, Kunming hi tech Industrial Development Zone and the Kunming University of Science and Technology and other colleges and universities as the fulcrum of the Xuefu Road innovation demonstration area gathered. Long term to build Yunnan Airport International Science and Technology Innovation Park, Chenggong University City, Kunming economic and Technological Development Zone as the core of innovation and entrepreneurship gathering area, the formation of radiation 16 city, facing south Asia Southeast Asia multi-creation International Space demonstration area. At the same time, combined with the 16 provinces and cities of different characteristics and needs, in each state to foster the development of not less than 1 Public space.

because the public record space began to go in different directions, the majority of entrepreneurs need to pay more attention to the development of key in the selection of incubators, combined with their own needs, choose the most suitable development platform.

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