How to improve the quality of franchise management

everything has its two sides, there is a good side also has its disadvantages, similarly, entrepreneurship is the same, do seem to join is good, but to join those who need to have a lot of money, a series of constraints. So we need to understand the impact of the various partners to join, and then make a decision.

A, clear relationship with the headquarters of the party to join

The relationship between

for the headquarters, "a lot of money, the strength and the product need to create your own path, maintenance and management of the sales channels of the requirements are very high." The franchise can effectively circumvent the development and maintenance costs of access. This is a process of enterprise development "advantages" of normal thinking. The problem is that the headquarters of the "advantage", stores also know "the disadvantages". Its fundamental purpose, may just want to "close to the headquarters of this famous tree" to pursue greater benefits.

two, join the work to implement the "win-win" idea to join

in a sense is to provide customers a way of earning money. Headquarters with excellent brand, scientific management, customer service and thoughtful service to join the party and they bring benefits, is to increase the profit and expand the scale advantages of brand, improve the visibility of the geographical space. Both profit together to achieve a win-win situation. So the headquarters should match up, give them really care about things, such as providing policy, they do business with.

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