Free tasting promotion is very important to grasp the skills

in supermarkets, is almost in any season, there will be free samples to carry out a variety of business activities, I believe many people is a member of the testers. Free tasting, is a good means of marketing. Try is a good way to guide the sales, we often see the fruit to eat, eat snacks, etc.. Let us look at the many benefits it brings to the sales sample.

for food and beverage products mainly rely on taste experience, so for the food and beverage companies, after entering the terminal products shelves, let consumers free tasting products almost becomes one of the most popular and effective means of promotion. Especially in the new product promotion period, consumers tried the product after it is good enough to directly purchase behavior. Moreover, in the food category more and more today, free samples for customers to easily find the most convenient taste of their products in a lot of food.

therefore, coffee and milk free, we often go shopping in the supermarket when the drink to provide businesses, to eat free cookies, fruit, chewing gum and other free. But different manufacturers and businesses, operating free tasting activities is very different.

production of bagged cooked food manufacturers in order to promote the new series of cooked food products in a supermarket, trust Mart carry out free tasting promotional activities. Their staff will be placed at the entrance of the supermarket promotion platform of a prominent position, promotion table design is exquisite, the color is very eye-catching, the way will be able to arouse people’s attention. A series of promotional miss the food into many small pieces, placed in a small dish, cooking for the convenience of our customers, the dishes are placed on the edge with a few toothpicks.

it was the weekend around 4 pm, the supermarket of the company’s sales Miss People are hurrying to and fro., always very enthusiastic greeting customers to try to eat, come around to see a lot of people, but few children occasionally ride to eat, try to eat has a. Moreover, the activities of the day of the cooked food products are sold out.

obviously, this is a failure of tasting events, the company’s staff felt very much puzzled.

I help them analyze the reasons for failure:

first: supermarket door people, the wind, inevitably mixed with a lot of dust, directly on the plate of food, of course, customers will feel unsanitary, and therefore do not want to eat.

second: the event is only equipped with a promotion lady, because she needs to greet the guests, so they can not wear masks, but also make people feel that there is no sense of health.

third: Bagged cooked food taken out, leaving the original sauce in the bag, and the taste has changed slightly after opening, obviously not as good

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