How to distinguish between Chongqing hot pot and Chengdu hot pot

Chongqing and Sichuan Chengdu food is spicy for Chongqing Hot pot has become the city’s name card, many people eat only look Hot pot Chongqing Hot pot. An Chongqing people on the tongue taste the delicious Chongqing Hot pot hot hot ", also let outsiders and foreigners be yearning. For others, it’s winter to eat Hot pot season, but for the people of Chengdu, Chongqing, this argument does not exist, we are going to eat Hot pot throughout the year. We all say that Chengdu, Chongqing is a good friend to kill the love of friends, in the hot pot to eat this thing, both sides are often torn force, on both sides of the people feel their own hot pot is more delicious, so bickering. So, the question is: what is the difference between Chengdu hot pot and Chongqing hot pot? Which is better?

Chongqing: Hot pot squares modeling, said to have nine compartments, one is one, that there is also a food shelf,

but now it’s just a shape, there is no point, of course, there are a lot of new hot pot.

Chengdu: Hot pot Yuanyang pot (in fact, Yuanyang pot is Chongqing Hot pot company invented yo), while the white side of the red, eat hot pot to eat red, do not eat hot pot to eat white, meet the needs of different.

Chongqing Hot pot pot is more butter, butter pot to eat is eat more spicy, and spicy spicy Pakistan to the mouth, your mouth burning 20molecules.

Hot pot is originated in Chongqing, developed in Chengdu, the people of Chengdu were improved in many aspects of this one is the Hot pot.

Chongqing Hot pot focus on "hot, coarse ore, heavier taste, and the character of chongqing.

Chengdu Hot pot about "spicy delicious", Chengdu Chongqing more than Hot pot pepper, in addition to other spices bottom material.

Chongqing is sesame oil and garlic to eat Hot pot, other personal taste, the general will add fuel, vinegar, and turnips, fragrant sauce, and fermented black bean etc..

Chengdu people eat miscellaneous, basic mess will add seasoning.

Chongqing has maintained the traditional Hot pot, duck, yellow duck, Chongqing will point.

Chengdu hot pot dishes are very rich, as long as you can eat a variety of can be said to be hot pot, but also a lot of hot pot restaurants, such as pumpkin pie, cake, etc..

Chengdu hot pot to enjoy. There is a shop Hot pot hall, room attendant, wearing uniforms, eating a wet towel before delivery on disinfection, as guest clothes.

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