Ali force O2O scouring the code

finally, Ali launched the first wave of O2O offensive – launched the code Amoy platform, released the first phase of the five applications: commodity code, service code, code shop, interactive code and media code.

Although the person in charge of Tmall

The first is

and Ali on the code Amoy commodity code is taking the entity department line, does not exist the disadvantages of all the store experience no shopping scene; the service code itself is the beginning of a two – sweep after the closed loop marketing will automatically focus on the business of micro Amoy shop (similar to the former "this gang"), and also joined the SNS gene of WeChat and micro-blog, businesses in the micro Amoy take various measures to increase user stickiness, which led to two times and N times to buy all this action at the beginning, and red will stimulate buyers preferential action scan code realization.

the impact and "check" products, to check, as the representative of Baidu image search.

The first problem is

the two, only the first step to solve the drainage, to buy into the house and don’t realize the scouring the code can achieve the "check" – – customer service – direct purchase service purchase again, and a closed loop transaction completed.

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