Analysis of tertiary investment advantages were meow

catering market competitiveness is reflected in the characteristics of the product above, whether the competition in the restaurant to win the competition, the main thing is to see your restaurant dishes are attractive, of course, taste is the most important. Followed by the service. Innovative things as long as they can be accepted by consumers, no doubt you will succeed. So when the business is very important to choose the brand.

The characteristics of

nanowires to join the market at present has great room for development, after years of efforts, to meet consumer tastes orientation throughout the country, and in the majority of the city, it is difficult to eat authentic characteristics of rice noodle, noodle meow uncle to join, the market potential is enormous, as soon as possible to seize the opportunity, the market will belong to you.

nanowires renowned the country and overseas, is a very high special snack. Uncle because of the soup noodle meow is exquisite, delicious taste, fine materials, acid / spicy / fresh cooking can be arbitrary allocation. Profits are rich, comprehensive consideration of the north and South flavor of the product, the only lead romantic, four seasons hot.

investment advantages:

nanowires TERT meow

1, to provide for the franchisee opened before the professional technical training and operation level has reached the standards, improve business management training from product management, service management, business management, health management, financial management, the franchisee to easy operation;

2, to provide effective marketing programs, headquarters marketing experts to solve all kinds of problems encountered in operation for your worries, let you easily manage, share the joy of success and management;

3, the headquarters of a comprehensive brand publicity, so that the brand in the domestic food and beverage market has considerable influence and visibility, there will be a professional brand promotion team to help franchisees do brand promotion;

4, holidays and special holiday promotional activities and project headquarters has provided rich and diverse, with experience in professional marketing personnel to assist the franchisee to do accurate research on the local market, accurate positioning, seize the mainstream consumer groups, to succeed


5, assist site evaluation: early shop, will help you expand the headquarters site store, analyze the professional assessment of Dianzhi intention you selected, according to the local market and the surrounding district detailed statistics, feasibility assessment of intention sites;

6, commercial purchase chain strategic advantage: the company operating for many years, formed a long-term strategic partnership with the national several strong commercial purchase chain stores, headquarters has taken the lead in implantation, we recommend the franchisee has to lay a solid foundation.

is the number of noodle jiamengfei meow uncle


margin: 2~3 million


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