8 ministries to rectify the network sale of color lottery network temporarily suspended 500

original title: 8 ministries to rectify the sale of lottery network color lottery network lying gun

in WeChat, Alipay and other Internet lottery sales for more than a month after the suspension, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of public security, State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other eight ministries jointly issued a notice in April 3rd, resolutely stop unauthorized use of the Internet to sell lottery behavior.

according to the announcement, as of now, the Ministry of finance has not yet approved any lottery agency officially opened the use of the Internet to sell lottery business, in other words, before the use of the Internet sales of lottery tickets are illegal.

senior lottery media people Wang Shirang told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, the lottery is different from ordinary commodities, although the rapid development of network sale of color, but also become a "private sit Zhuang", "eat ticket, lottery lottery sales or misappropriation of funds and other kinds of chaos like precipitation.

as one of the two Internet lottery pilot units approved by the Ministry of finance of the 500 lottery network, also suspended all lottery sales in April 3rd. Affected by this news, the stock market in the United States 500 lottery network trading on Monday before the disk was down by 12%, and from the time of the opening of the temporary suspension of 46 seconds, given the reason is because the impact of the stock price of major news to be released.

regulatory difficulties frequent chaos

in the Internet 4 era, netizens have long been used to pull out the phone to buy food, stocks, lottery is no exception. Choi through consulting data show that in 2014 the scale of Internet sales reached 85 billion yuan color, compared with the data in 2013 to achieve a doubling of $40 billion.

however, the Internet sale of color the momentum of rapid growth in 2010. Since March 1st, the vast majority of the Internet platform to suspend sales network, which puzzled many people. For the suspension of the Internet sale of color, the reason is that the industry barbaric growth has led to a lot of chaos: eight ministries announcement shows, at and below the provincial lottery center commissioned unauthorized sales, business contract or agreement, or the purchase of lottery business engaged in distribution; some without a provincial lottery center commissioned by the use of the Internet lottery lottery to accept orders, transactions, and then through the lottery sales terminal ticket; some even under the guise of national lottery lottery sales name.

Wang Shirang believes that the lack of supervision of network sale of color is an important reason for chaos phenomena. Some online platform ticket money, once the jackpot amount is larger, the sales side will not be able to pay the lottery prize.

addition, network sale of color network company profits to bring a large number of capital precipitation, on one hand this part of the funds should be used for public utilities, on the other hand, some Internet companies carry out their investment and creating capital risk.

According to the relevant provisions of the

, lottery proceeds from the proportion of lottery public welfare funds, and according to the ratio of 50:50 between the central and local distribution. Wang Shirang introduction, the current part of the province opened the online sale of color, resulting in a surge in sales, public welfare will increase, but at the same time

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