nnovation and entrepreneurship is not short of money lack of good entrepreneurial projects

policy to give financial support for innovation and entrepreneurship is more and more big, therefore, Chinese is not short of money, but, in addition to the success of funds also need good business projects, at present, China is the lack of good business projects.

with double tide to push, more and more entrepreneurs feel venture money is not good to take, domestic entrepreneurship is experiencing winter capital". New Oriental Group Chairman, Yu Minhong, founding partner of the fund, recently accepted an interview with the Yangcheng Evening News reporter, said that the arrival of the capital winter is a good thing, allowing entrepreneurs to be more cautious. He believes that, in fact, China is not short of money, but the lack of good projects, China really has less than 1% of innovative projects. The "double" and support of government funds, he said direct subsidies and subsidies for venture capital project are wrong, reasonable choice of government is the establishment of parent fund funds to invest in venture capital institutions professional.

In fact,

Chinese now can be said to have not actually innovative soil, our childhood education is not based on the innovation of the education system, Chinese children grew up don’t know the question, is not recommended

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