How to ensure the safety of food in the restaurant

as a food and beverage industry, regardless of whether the store is rich or beautiful, for countless moments, food safety is really very important. After all, when we eat out, the most fancy is not the taste of food, but food safety issues. How to ensure the safety of food is a must pay attention to each restaurant. The following small series to introduce how to ensure the safety of food and beverage shop.

open baozaifan stores although not difficult, but from procurement to processing of complex links, food from procurement to processing into finished products usually through purchase, transportation, storage, processing and other aspects, it should be said that each link will happen food health problems.

baozaifan franchise license to purchase shall be complete and effective, has a relatively fixed place of food production and business units for school meals (including student milk) shall have the corresponding qualification units. To purchase food from a fixed supplier, it is necessary to sign the purchase contract.

baozaifan franchise food warehouse execute special with rats, flies, damp proof, ventilation facilities and measures, and normal operation; food finished and semi-finished products and raw materials of food should be stored separately, and medicines, food must not be mixed with sundry goods and other items;

is now very popular online meal ordering, food safety online also need to strengthen the management and supervision, only online meal ordering industry built a sound legal system, to solve the disputes of real law. At the same time, online catering needs to be included in the government’s food safety regulatory areas, like the entity catering enterprises. Consumers in the online meal ordering, try to choose a store of food service units, baozaifan to establish a stable relationship with the familiar shop meal feeding unit, and pay attention to the preservation of ordering and consumption vouchers, in order to safeguard their rights.

a catering shop even if business is good, once exposed to food safety, this shop I am afraid it is difficult to develop again, after all, food safety is related to people’s health, must pay attention to it. Therefore, the rice cooker fans also need to attach importance to food safety issues, to ensure the safe use of food, will let the shop business is booming.

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