Humpback Whale Upends California Kayakers

first_imgOn Monday morning, Julie McSorley invited Liz Cottriel, her friend of 27 years, to go kayaking off Avila Beach, Calif., in San Luis Obispo County, where they both live. The idea was simply to spend a pleasant day whale watching off California’s Central Coast.They set off in a yellow kayak, soaking in the views of humpback whales feeding and breaching in the distance, a sight that Ms. McSorley had enjoyed the day before with her husband.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – The friends were about a half-mile from shore when they noticed schools of silver fish around their kayak, making a sound that Ms. Cottriel, 63, an office manager for an orthodontist, likened to “crackling glass.”“We knew something was about to happen, but we didn’t know where the whale was exactly,” said Ms. McSorley, 55, a physical therapist. “She popped up and I popped up right after her,” Ms. Cottriel said.An off-duty firefighter who was paddle-boarding nearby helped them right the kayak. “He checked to see if we had our arms and legs and everything,” Ms. McSorley said.Another kayaker found their paddles and returned them to the women, who were not injured except for some bruises to Ms. Cottriel’s arms and hip. “I am fine,” she said.But they had a scare that they will remember for the rest of their lives.“It has been a whirlwind of adrenaline,” Ms. McSorley said.“The more I reflect on it, the more I think, ‘This could have been it,’” Ms. Cottriel said.Humpback whales are typically found along the West Coast and off the coasts of Alaska, New England, the Mid-Atlantic and the Southeast, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.The mammals, which can weigh up to 40 tons, feed on krill and small fish by filtering large volumes of ocean water through their baleen plates, according to NOAA. Humpbacks are a favorite of whale watchers, who thrill at the sight of them jumping out of the water and slapping the surface with their pectoral fins or tails.Back on shore on Monday, Ms. Cottriel found that she had a small souvenir of the experience.As she shook her wet shirt, “out came five or six silver fish,” she said with a laugh. “I am dumping fish out of my shirt. We found humor in it.” A humpback whale then suddenly surfaced underneath their kayak, lifting them about six feet above the water, they said.- Advertisement – “I kind of went blank,” Ms. McSorley said. “It was a matter of a second or two.”“All I saw was white and I pushed my hand out and I thought, ‘I am getting crushed,’ because I thought it was either going to land on me or I was going to drown,” Ms. Cottriel said. “I am literally looking inside the whale’s mouth.”A nearby kayaker captured video of the wild encounter on a cellphone. In it, witnesses scream as the whale breaches, capsizing the kayak and tossing the women into the water.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Ikea partner with Area Academy’s and Unyq to create esports furniture

first_imgWorking alongside American 3D design company Unyq, and Swedish based educational activities company Area Academy, Ikea will produce a line of furniture designed specifically for esports.Area Academy organise camps for esports in collaboration with schools that wish to use esports as a tool to educate children. The company has used its esports expertise to assemble a panel of esports people from older pros to young future stars to advise Unyq and Ikea about how to create the furniture.Speaking about the partnership, Tommy “Potti” Ingemarsson, CEO of Area Academy had this to say: “When designing for esports players, one must remember that a gamer is not just a youth. Many people who play are actually in their 30s. The idea of this and the cooperation with Unyq is that you can scan your body and customize the furniture for each individual, users can also adjusting colour and appearance”He continued “I spent several years sitting on a kitchen chair when I started playing and it was not very good. The furniture is a big part of everyday life for an esports player and using the wrong furniture can damage both your back and your posture.”Ikea has clearly seen a huge market that they can sell to, in this young and mostly online demographic, Ikea stated that: “There are about 2 billion gamers around the world and that group needs functional ergonomic, tailored furniture for their everyday lives. The purpose of the new furniture collection is to explore how personalisation and home decoration can change the lives of all gamers out there”Marcus Engman, Design Manager at Ikea had this to say:  “We are curious about how furniture combined with technology can improve gaming and life around it. We think we’ve found the right players to collaborate with to succeed.”Esports Insider says: This is huge for everyone involved, it cannot be understated how big of a deal Ikea is in Sweden, so getting them involved in esports, even just making furniture is massive. If this experiment works from an Ikea point of view, the possibilities are endless for what the future could hold.Sign up to our newsletter!last_img read more

‘Ump show’: Josh Donaldson’s sensitivity gets Joe Musgrove tossed from game

first_imgAlmost as soon as Pirates right-hander Joe Musgrove grazed Braves third baseman Josh Donaldson with a first-inning pitch Monday, the duo exchanged words.One doesn’t need to be a lip-reading expert to decipher Donaldson’s immediate jump from calm to heated: He seemed to yell, “What are you looking at? What the f— are you looking at?” toward Musgrove, who shouted something in return. Pittsburgh catcher Elias Diaz tried to get between Donaldson and Musgrove, but Donaldson shoved him to the side while the benches cleared. The umps tossed Joe Musgrove. For this. #Pirates— Alex Kozora (@Alex_Kozora) June 10, 2019Josh Donaldson and Joe Musgrove get into it.Both were ejected after this skirmish, which began when Donaldson was hit by a— Sporting News MLB (@sn_mlb) June 10, 2019#Braves’ Donaldson wasn’t upset by the HBP, but Musgrove’s reaction: “He kept coming down the mound and looking at me. I felt like obviously he had a problem with something, so…and then as soon as the catcher put his hands on me, I wasn’t pleased with that.”— David O’Brien (@DOBrienATL) June 11, 2019Injured Pirates right-hander Jameson Taillon responded to the incident on Twitter, calling it “unbelievable” Musgrove was ejected.Ump Show. @MLB, Clean it up. Joe prepares harder than anyone, and you just took away his start day. No accountability. The pen is messed up for the series now. Guys will get sent down because they will have to eat these innings. Unbelievable.— Jameson Taillon (@JTaillon19) June 10, 2019Neither the Pirates nor Donaldson have earned the benefit of the doubt in these kinds of matters. Pittsburgh threw at Reds outfielder Derek Dietrich earlier this season for watching one of his home runs, while Donaldson has built a reputation over the course of his career of being a chippy player unafraid of speaking his mind to opponents.The ejections changed the course of Monday’s game — and potentially the series. In the second inning, Musgrove’s replacement, Alex McRae, surrendered a grand slam to Ronald Acuña Jr. The Pirates were forced to wear out the rubber arms in their bullpen to get through the contest, tasking three pitchers with the final 8 1/3 innings. Donaldson, Musgrove and Pirates manager Clint Hurdle were ejected, though arguably nobody should have been kicked from the game. If anyone needed to go, it was probably Donaldson, who seemed to overreact to a pitch that barely hit him. The infielder told reporters after the game that he believed Musgrove provoked him by walking toward him after the pitch.MORE: Watch ‘ChangeUp,’ a new MLB live whiparound show on DAZNlast_img read more

Veteran Case Manager Sydne Cogburn Leaving DRC

first_imgFacebook3Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston CountyAfter 22 years on the staff of the Dispute Resolution Center (DRC), Sydne Cogburn is leaving her position as Case Manager on May 25.Sydne Cogburn Dispute Resolution Center Case Manager, retiring after 22 years. Photo courtesy: Dispute Resolution CenterSydne first became involved with the DRC in 1991, as a volunteer, then joined the staff in 1995.  In her time here, she saw the organization through two decades of growth; the big move from a house on the Westside of Olympia to the downtown core; and the comings and goings of many core staff with whom she worked over these many years.  Staff, volunteers, and the Board, both present and past, are so grateful for Sydne’s dedicated service to our community.  We all wish her the very best in her next endeavors.“Sydne is intelligent, wise and grounded. She doesn’t get flapped.  In our many years of working together we collaborated on difficult cases regularly, both of us being highly invested in providing the very best service for our clients.  We shared a deep appreciation and dedication to the principles of interest based mediation.  We also shared a love of our volunteers who worked side by side with us every day. Sydne expertly trained each of them all the while maintaining relationships with mediators and managing cases which she did with aplomb,” wrote Joan Swanson.“Sydne – Well, we do go back, no?  Such rich memories.  I’m full of appreciation for your steady hand over the years; your grasp of the big picture as well as mastery of the devilish details; and your unfailing support and willing ear for all of us volunteers in the “boiler room”.  I’ll miss not seeing you here, but take comfort in knowing we haven’t seen the last of each other by a long shot.  Yours in friendship, gratitude and love,” wrote Bruce Bergquist.Please send your best wishes to Sydne c/o the DRC, P.O. Box 6184, Olympia, WA 98507 or e-mail her at read more