Letters to the Editor for Monday, March 18

first_imgWe often hear about a “woman’s intuition.” What if prodigies and women share one thing in common, the ability to communicate with a higher power? This is knowing without knowing how or why. Men have had a thousand years to solve humanity’s problems; they have failed miserably. The only way we are going to be able to solve the problems of poverty, hunger, disease, war and climate change is if women, relying on their intuition, collectively and individually solve them.If a woman is picked to run on the Democratic ticket, I will go on the record now of pledging $10,000 to the Democratic National Committee if a woman is picked to head the party.Americans will have a real choice in 2020; they can rely on women and their intuition or Donald Trump whose only source of knowledge is Fox News, who relies only on his own “native” intelligent without any input from intuition. There can be no greater choice between Democrats and Republicans. Richard MoodyMiddleburgh Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionMen in power have failed, let’s try women insteadcenter_img Leverage water in AmsterdamWith a green movement underway with new solar, and wind farms, we should also look into what made Amsterdam the manufacturing city it was, and that is water. Amsterdam was formed where the Chuctanunda Creek, and the Mohawk River meet which helped power many of the mills that put Amsterdam on the map. There are many old dams along the Chuctanunda in Amsterdam that were used before for power so why not make them useful again? Amsterdam, along with county, and state officials can look into repairing those dams to make hydroelectricity that can power either government buildings, homes, businesses, or directly into the grid. With the newly constructed Chuctanunda Creek Trail which goes past these dams, the trail can help people see the historic dams, but also see how they are shaping Amsterdam’s future. The former polluted creek can have the potential to reduce the city’s carbon footprint, and I hoped is looked into more by government officials. While Amsterdam isn’t the manufacturing city it once was, these dams can help the city be known for something else. Jacob ReedAmsterdamMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsGov. Andrew Cuomo’s press conference for Sunday, Oct. 18last_img read more

GKN seals £190m buyout with Pension Insurance Corporation

first_imgMatt Richards, actuary at PIC, said: “The trustee has moved proactively and in a considered manner to achieve a strong outcome. This transaction is part of a long-term de-risking strategy undertaken by the trustee, which allowed them to take advantage of a window of favourable pricing.“The trustee should be congratulated for acting in a decisive manner to reduce risk across all pensions, not just those that have been insured.” David Ellis, UK leader for bulk pensions insurance advisory at Mercer and adviser to the GKN trustees, praised the scheme for its willingness to innovate.“This latest transaction is testament to the long-lasting benefit of taking proactive action to manage pension risk,” he said.GKN’s main defined benefit schemes in the UK, the US and Germany had combined liabilities of more than £4bn at the end of 2015, its annual report said.The GKN Group Pension Scheme’s liabilities were £848m, primarily relating to pensioner members.GKN’s trustees completed two buy-ins with Rothesay Life in 2014 and 2015, worth £123m and £53m, respectively.The scheme also enacted a pension increase exchange in 2015, agreeing to raise benefits for members in exchange for their giving up guaranteed increases. Engineering firm GKN has agreed a £190m (€222.7m) buyout with Pension Insurance Corporation (PIC) and begun to wind up its pension scheme.The transaction covers 20% of the GKN Group Pension Scheme’s liabilities, which were £848m at the end of 2015, according to the company’s annual report.Remaining members of the scheme will be transferred to a new fund, allowing the legacy pension scheme to be wound up.Members with small pension pots will be offered a lump-sum transfer to exit the scheme altogether.last_img read more

A call issued for citizens to get back to ‘order’

first_imgDr. Leon ColymoreA strong call is being issued for citizens in Dominica to get back to the ‘order’ that God established in the earth, in order to see prosperity.The call came from Dr. Leon Colymore, a minister and founder and CEO of the World Outreach Ministries (WOMB), a nonprofit organization that assist churches, pastors, and Parachurch organizations by maximizing resources and networking the mind, body, and spirit. Dr Colymore will be the featured speaker at a three-day seminar on the topic ‘Divine Order’, which will be held at the New Wing of the Dominica Grammar School from November 14th to 16th from 7:00pm.Dr Colymore believes that because man has deviated from God’s Divine Order, this has caused a lot of unrest in the world today; a problem that many top experts cannot solve or get answers to.“Divine Order is a topic that we are dealing with because men have strayed away from the order that God had established in the earth. You see today in the world there is economic instability, unemployment, social unrest, there are so many problems that the world is faced with right now, people do not know what to do. Just look at the bigger nations in Europe, they don’t have the answers, but God has the answer. And God wants to bring us back to the place where we go back to his original plan that he established when he made the earth. We see that when God established order, he established authority, government, law, rule and order. We need to get back to that.”Recent data shows that authority or the rule of law is now becoming a big issue for many governments around the world. Record shows increased changes in government’s leadership, the rule of law and their respective constitutions while grappling with the many societal problems affecting nations.Dr Colymore said that the seminar will speak directly to leaders and those placed in authority. “We are also looking at the whole concept of Government. We need to realize that Government is very important. Do you know that Government really is a ministry of God? God made them His ministers in the earth to put laws in place, to put us under control and to establish law and order. And during the seminar we will look at the concept of law, and why Government is there in the earth to keep us in control so that we can leave healthy pleasing lives. In fact the Bible says that when the righteous rule, we will have peace in the earth.” Dr Colymore said that while the head of the family and the family itself is responsible for the decrease in order at the home, citizens have a personal responsibility to take control of their lives and be good citizens.“The family is critical to the earth, we have marriage; male and female, and then out of marriage you have a family and in the family you have children. The family is the psychological, the emotional, educational and the social incubator for development. After you have the family, you have the community followed by the nation or the society. Everyone comes from a family and if we could get ourselves back in order, that’s what God would want. But also too, we’re looking at the personal order in our lives. Every human being must get themselves in order. The Coordinator for the Seminar, Mr. Hansel Valerie is encouraging Dominicans to turn out in large numbers at the event which promises to leave a lasting impact on the lives of the participants.“There is a focus on the spiritual aspect of order, however the order that we speak of comprises order in society, not only order in the church but order in the home, the family, the workplace, in government, in the secular sector. It is open to everyone and anyone who has a desire to develop or inform himself, or has a desire for personal growth and personal development. We would encourage as many people as possible to attend.”Persons wishing to register may contact Mrs Kathleen Cornelius at the Dominica Grammar School or Mr. Hansel Valerie at 4482217. A contribution fee of $20.00 is required.Dominica Vibes News Share 17 Views   no discussions Share LocalNews A call issued for citizens to get back to ‘order’ by: – November 9, 2011center_img Share Sharing is caring! Tweetlast_img read more