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first_imgRESULTS (DIVIDENDS)Caymanas Park Results for October 6, 2016Track Condition : Dirt : WETRace 1 1200 M (Purse $800,000) NB2-Y-O MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT1. #2 TRUE WHISPER JInnis3 48.52. #1 FLOWERS THIRTY AndreePowell4 51.5 1/2L3. #5 FEARLESS SAMURAI OWalker 54.0 1- 1/4L4. #4 TERRI’S PRINCESS AGray4 52.5 10LWIN: $162.00Qu: $2,222.00 Ex: $5,627.00Trifecta: $1,923.00Final Time : 1:15.3 Splits : 23.3, 48.0Winner : 2yo b filly – HE’STHEREALTHING – JUST WHISPERTrainer : WAYNE DACOSTA Owner: ELIZABETH DACOSTABred by ORANGE VALLEY ESTATES LTD.Race 2 1100 M (Purse $500,000) 4YO&UP CLM($180,0)-NOT EARNED $120,0 SINCE JUNE 6.1. #9 SIR D HPottinger2 51.52. #8 FIX IT UP VNajair 50.0 3/4L*3. #10 SMART BIDDER AntThomas4 51.0 1/2L4. #5 BALA BAD GAL LINKS SBlake 50.0 4LWIN: $525.00PLACE: $153.00, $107.00, $62.00Qu: $1,115.00 Ex: $3,089.00D/E : (2-9) $2,839.00Superfecta: $10,663.00Final Time : 1:10.0 Splits : 24.0, 48.3Winner : 8yo ch horse – CONCERTO (USA) – ANOTHER MOOCHIETrainer : RYAN DARBY Owner : RAPHAEL GORDONBred by STUD EL AGUILARace 3 1600 M (Purse $500,000) NB4-Y-O & UP MAIDEN CONDITION RACE1. #7 BURLIN NBerger4 53.02. #6 WAITING FOR ONE DDawkins2 51.0 Neck*3. #1 GOFORHOME AntThomas4 50.0 1- 1/4L4. #2 RAWALPINDI EXPRESS AndreePowell4 50.0 5-1/2LWIN: $661.00PLACE: $181.00, $113.00, $64.00Qu: $2,123.00 Ex: $3,079.00D/E: $10,447.00Trifecta: $4,256.00Rolling Triple: $123,217.00Final Time : 1:45.2 Splits : 24.3, 49.0, 1:15.0Winner : 4yo ch colt – DISTORTED – STAR OF THE SEATrainer : PAUL HYLTON Owner : PAUL HYLTONBred by JOSEPH & PETER-JOHN RHODENRace 4 1200 M (Purse $768,000) NB3-Y-O MAIDEN CONDITION RACE-NOT FINISHED 2ND-4TH1. #2 LEIGHTON REID DDawkins2 56.02. #3 HE’S A MACHINE OFoster 52.5 2-1/4L3. #8 TWILIGHT CAT PParchment 56.0 2-1/2L*4. #9 MRS. K. T. JJackson 53.0 3/4L5. #1 BIGMAN UNION DBadaloo 55.0 2-1/4L6. #4 RED DREAD HPottinger2 50.0 3/4LLate scratch : #5 EMPIRESTRIKESBACKWIN: $172.00PLACE: $73.00, $71.00, $74.00Final Time : 1:16.0 Splits : 23.0, 47.0Qu: $312.00 Ex: $603.00D/E: $3,626.00Hit-6: $2,844.00Rolling Triple : (9-7-2) $28,819.00Winner : 3yo ch colt – REGION OF MERIT – SUPER LASSTrainer : ANTHONY NUNES Owner : STEPHAN NARINESINGHBred by ORANGE VALLEY ESTATES LTD.Race 5 1500 M (Purse $768,000) IMP3YO&UP(NW3&MDN)/NB3YO-REST.STAKES1. #6 JAMAI RAJA OEdwards2 50.5 *4/5 92.002. #7 WILL IN CHARGE OMullings 51.0 7/5 4 1/23. #4 MR. DOITBETTA HPottinger2 51.0 9/2 9 1/24. #3 PRINCESS EMANUELLE JInnis3 48.5 9/2 1Late scratch : #2 FRANCIA’S PRIDEWIN: $92.00Qu: $90.00 Ex: $172.00D/E: $381.00Trifecta: $82.00Rolling Triple: $7,864.00Final Time : 1:30.2 Splits : 23.0, 45.3Winner : 3yo ch colt – MARKET RALLY – ANGELA’S FAVORITETrainer : RICHARD AZAN Owner: M.AZAN, R.AZAN, W.BAGWANDEEN & G.BROWNBred by HAM STABLES LTD.CECIL C. CHARLTON MEMORIAL TROPHYRace 6 1300 M (Purse $620,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($550,0-$500,0)/NB4YO-NW41. #6 UNBREAKABLE AChatrie 54.02. #1 TITANIC AntThomas4 50.0 1-1/2L*3. #7 FORTUNEONEHUNDRED RHalledeen 54.0 Neck4. #9 LADY BELRIDGE KRobinson 52.5 2LLate scratch : #8 SCOOP JORDYNEWIN: $241.00PLACE: $65.00, $96.00, $78.00Qu: $506.00 Ex: $932.00D/E: $456.00Superfecta: $10,367.00Rolling Triple: $1,949.00Pick-4: $27,776.00Super-6: Carry-over : $840,927.75Final Time : 1:20.0 Splits : 22.4, 46.2, 1:12.3,Winner : 5yo ch colt – TRADITIONAL – ONEMOREFASHIONTrainer : STEVEN TODD Owner : STEVEN TODDBred by HAM STABLES LTD.Race 7 1000 M (S) (Purse $530,000) 3-Y-O & UP ($250,0-$210,0)/NB5YO-NW2&6YO-NW41. #2 FIFTYONESTORM BebHarvey2 53.0*2. #5 GIRLY GIRLY LINKS OWalker 52.5 HD3. #7 PLAY STATION PFrancis 52.0 8L4. #10 WARRIOR PRINCESS JErwin 53.0 3-1/4LLate scratch : #8 BORDER LINEWIN: $137.00PLACE: $51.00, $51.00, $57.00Qu: $145.00 Ex: $460.00D/E: $700.00Superfecta: $1,066.00Rolling Triple: $1,567.00Final Time : 0:58.4 Splits : 22.0, 46.0Winner : 5yo b filly – STORM CRAFT – SHE’S A GEMTrainer : DENRICK CHAMBERS Owner: DENRICK CHAMBERSBred by ALLAN L. FLOWERSMONICA TODD MEMORIAL CUPRace 8 2000 M (Purse $500,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($180,0)/NB6YO&UP-NW31. #1 DR. TRAIN RHalledeen 57.02. #9 YES SHE WILL AndreePowell4 47.0 18-1/2L3. #4 COLORS OF WAR HPottinger2 50.5 3/4L4. #6 SMART TRAIN RLahoe 55.0 2-1/2LWIN: $219.00PLACE: $98.00, $145.00, $72.00Qu: $5,539.00 Ex: $6,817.00D/E: $773.00Superfecta carry-over : $10,698,025.00Rolling Triple: $3,100.00Final Time : 2:13.0 Splits : 26.0, 52.4, 1:18.4, 1:44.3Winner : 3yo b gelding – LIQUIDITY – SILVER MINTTrainer: IAN PARSARD Owner : IAN PARSARDBred by DR. PATRICK GRAHAMFONTAINBLEU TROPHYRace 9 1500 M (Purse $845,000) 3-Y-O & UP OPEN ALLOWANCE1. #5 HOUDINI’S MAGIC SEllis 54.0*2. #1 PHINEAS RHalledeen 57.0 Neck3. #2 HOVER CRAFT OWalker 55.0 2L4. #3 MOM’S STUDENT JPatterson2 49.0 HeadWIN: $134.00PLACE: $50.00, $50.00, $51.00Qu: $122.00 Ex: $244.00D/E: $757.00Trifecta: $83.00Rolling Triple: $2,893.00Final Time : 1:31.2 Splits : 23.0, 46.2, 1:10.3,Winner : 4yo b colt – PERFORMING MAGIC out of MILESTONE by VANADIUMTrainer : NUNES,ANTHONY C Owner : DERRICK H BRANDTBred by EVERGLADES FARMS LTD.Race 10 1000 M (R) (Purse $768,000) NB3-Y-O RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE II(NW2)-FILLIES1. #14 GOLD MINER OWalker 53.02. #10 LIKE A LADY SEllis 54.0 2L*3. #11 DREAMING THE CODE HLewis 52.5 1L4. #8 LOTTERY TICKET JInnis3 48.0 Neck5. #12 CROWN PRINCESS OMullings 52.5 3/4L6. #2 HELLO LADY DDawkins2 51.0 3/4LWIN: $161.00PLACE: $88.00, $96.00, $70.00Qu: $973.00 Exacta: $1,211.00D/E: $490.00Trifecta: $1,104.00Hi-5: $39,026.00Rolling Triple: $2,945.00Pick-4: $8,580.00Super-6: $34,185.00Pick-9: $8,548.00; $164.50Carry-over : $1,075,319.70Final Time : 0:59.3 Splits : 23.0, 46.2Winner : 3yo b filly – LEGAL PROCESS – GOOD AS GOLDTrainer : WAYNE DACOSTA Owner : CARLTON WATSONBred by HENRY JAGHAI O.D., J.P.,last_img read more

Stars Help End The Use Of Elephants In Indian Circuses

first_imgWith the support of John Abraham and numerous other stars and following a nine-month-long investigation of circuses across India, which was conducted by a team that included representatives from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India and Animal Rahat and was authorised by the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) – a statutory body operating under the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) – the AWBI has confirmed that it has decided to end the registration of elephants for performances because of the cruelty and abuse that they endure.The notes from the 39th general meeting of the AWBI held in Chennai also indicate the group’s support for a ban on the use of all animals in circuses and state that the board “decided to stop immediate performance of all the injured and aged animals in the circuses mentioned in the report and seize them after making arrangement for rehabilitation”. It also said that PETA India’s findings will be forwarded to the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) for further action.In April, Abraham fired off a letter to the MoEF stating, “Unlike human performers, animals are forced to entertain through the use of fear, pain or hunger”. He urged the government to “make the compassionate choice by issuing an immediate ban on the use of all animals in circuses”. Other stars who have supported PETA India’s campaign against the use of animals in circuses include boxer Vijender Singh, cricketer Wayne Parnell, rapper Hard Kaur, dancers Pt Chitresh Das and Lauren Gottlieb, Malaika Arora Khan, Rakhi Sawant, Sherlyn Chopra and Shilpa Shetty.“The AWBI’s decision to end the slavery of elephants in Indian circuses – animals who have spent their lives in chains, in fear of being hit and jabbed with hooked weapons – is cause for celebration”, says PETA UK Associate Director Mimi Bekhechi. “We hope this prompts other countries to follow suit. Until then, anyone with a conscience should stay away from circuses that make the lives of the animals they use a living nightmare.”PETA India’s investigation of 15 circuses – conducted from November 2012 to July 2013 – documented rampant apparent violations of India’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960; the Performing Animals Rules, 1973; and the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972; among other guidelines aimed at protecting animals from abuse. The investigation revealed that animals had died from inadequate care or had simply “gone missing”, drunken circus staff were handling animals and animals with wounds and diseases had not received veterinary care.PETA India is now calling on the AWBI, the CZA and the MoEF to permit circuses with only willing human performers by immediately banning the use of all animals in circuses, following the lead of Bolivia, Austria, Greece, Cyprus and Bosnia and Herzegovina.Source:PETA UKlast_img read more

DJ Summer Camp finds talent supports Youth

first_img Related Items:Caribbean House Evolution Experience, DJ summer camp, John Sivalas, Ted Baylet “Hi, my name is Faith, and I like performing because it was actually my first time d-jaying for real.  And it was actually very fun, i’ve never gotten an opportunity like that before.”   – Faith Somewhere Café on the Beach, was the grounds for the grand finale, where the junior DJ winner got to execute her skills; 10 year old Faith spoke to us at the cheque presentation.  It is a great story and you can see more of it in our new season of Turquoise Morning which begins in a few weeks.  Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Caribbean House Evolution Experience and John Sivalas hosted the event. It was a cheque for $7,500 and was presented to Roxanne Wake Forbes, Director of the Youth Center by Ted Bayley of Somewhere and on behalf of Caribbean House Evolution. “I want to thank the kids from the youth center for coming and participating each of the last two years, it’s been wonderful having them on board.   As Mr. Sivalas commented, Somewhere’s Cafe’s goal like his is to bring all communities together.”  – Ted Bayley Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, September 6, 2016 – Summer break is over for students as the first day back to school for many was marked yesterday and over the break, Magnetic Media met some really cool kids who participated in a DJ Summer camp which also reaped a pretty penny for the Edward Gartland Youth Center.  “I feel that everywhere I go I want to make it more accessible to everyone, but as a base of house music, that we can maybe mix it up and make our own Caribbean house music that doesn’t really exist anywhere.”  – John Sivalaslast_img read more

Samsung reportedly asks for Galaxy Fold review units back over screen issues

first_img Angela Lang/CNET Sprint Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case: $155 (save $45) Close up with the Galaxy Fold screen, notch and hinge $299 at Amazon Lenovo Smart Clock: $59.99 (save $20) 1:54 What’s cooler: A snapshot of a firework exploding in front of you, or full 360-degree video of all the fireworks and all the reactions to seeing them? Oooh, ahhh, indeed. At $250, the compact Rylo dual-lens camera is selling for its lowest price yet. And for an extra $50, you can get the bundle that includes the waterproof housing.This deal runs through Sept. 3; it usually costs $500. 0 Lenovo 130-15AST 15.6-inch laptop: $210 (save $90) $210 at Best Buy Foldable Phones Mobile Motorola Samsung,I’m shocked — shocked! — to learn that stores are turning Labor Day into an excuse to sell stuff. Wait — no, I’m not. As much as I respect the original intent of the holiday (which became official back in 1894), to most of us, it’s just a bonus day off — one that’s blissfully tacked onto a weekend. So, yeah, stores; go ahead, run your sales. I’m listening. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Labor Day doesn’t bring out bargains to compete with the likes of Black Friday (which will be here before you know it), but there are definitely some sales worth your time.For example:We’ve rounded up the best Labor Day mattress deals.We’ve also gathered the best Labor Day laptop deals at Best Buy.The 2019 Vizio P Series Quantum is back under $999.Be sure to check out Amazon’s roughly three dozen Labor Day deals on TVs and audio. Google Express is having a big sale as well, one that includes deals on game consoles, AirPods, iPhones, laptops and more.Below I’ve rounded up a handful of individual items I consider to be the cream of the crop, followed by a handy reference guide to other Labor Day sales. Keep in mind, of course, that products may sell out at any time, even if the sale itself is still running. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. HP Laptop 15t Value: $520 (save $780) Galaxy Fold gives foldable phones a black eye Tidal 3-month family subscription: $5.99 (save $54) Samsung is reportedly seeking the return of its Galaxy Fold review units. Sarah Tew/CNET Having already delayed the Galaxy Fold’s April 26 launch, Samsung is now reportedly retrieving review units after problems arose with screens on some of the foldable phones.The company is asking reviewers to send the sample phones back, Reuters reported, citing an anonymous source, after some of them highlighted screen issues last week. Samsung had initially told CNET that its review period would last 10 days before the Fold was to be returned, leaving just a few days’ gap between the return date and the original delivery date of the Galaxy Fold we ordered.The problems affecting the $1,980 devices included screen damage, flickering and (in a single reported case) a bulge. CNET’s Galaxy Fold review unit remains undamaged. $155 at Google Express Sarah Tew/CNET $261 at Daily Steals via Google Express Best Buy I thought this might be a mistake, but, no, the weirdly named HP Laptop 15t Value is indeed quite the value at this price. Specs include an Intel Core i7 processor, 12GB of RAM, a 256GB solid-state drive and a 15.6-inch display. However, I strongly recommend paying an extra $50 to upgrade that display to FHD (1,920×1,080), because you’re not likely to be happy with the native 1,366×768 resolution. Mentioned Above Apple iPhone XS (64GB, space gray) Now playing: Watch this: $520 at HP Use promo code 19LABOR10 to get an unusually good deal on JBL’s interesting hybrid product — not quite headphones, and not quite a traditional speaker, but something you wear like neckphones to listen to music on the go. Read Lenovo Smart Clock review Sarah Tew/CNET $6 at Tidal Though not technically a Labor Day sale, it’s happening during Labor Day sale season — and it’s too good not to share. Nationwide Distributors, via Google Express, has just about the best AirPods deal we’ve seen (when you apply promo code ZBEDWZ at checkout). This is for the second-gen AirPods with the wireless charging case. Can’t imagine these will last long at this price, so if you’re interested, act fast. Read the Rylo camera preview Sarah Tew/CNET $90 at Daily Steals via Google Express See It $60 at Best Buy Formerly known as the Google Home Hub, Google’s Nest Hub packs a wealth of Google Assistant goodness into a 7-inch screen. At $59, this is within a buck of the best price we’ve seen. It lists for $129 and sells elsewhere in the $89-to-$99 range.This is one item of many available as part of eBay’s Labor Day Sale (which, at this writing, doesn’t specifically mention Labor Day, but that’s how it was pitched to us). Share your voice $59 at eBay See it Recently updated to include digital-photo-frame capabilities, the Lenovo Smart Clock brings Google Assistant goodness to your nightstand. It’s a little smaller than the Amazon Echo Show 5, but also a full $30 less (and tied with Prime Day pricing) during this Best Buy Labor Day sale. Chris Monroe/CNET See It CNET may get a commission from retail offers.center_img The problem with most entry-level laptops: They come with mechanical hard drives. That makes for a mighty slow Windows experience. This Lenovo model features a 128GB solid-state drive, so it should be pretty quick to boot and load software, even with its basic processor. Plus, it has a DVD-burner! That’s not something you see in many modern laptops, especially at this price. Share your voice TVs Speakers Mobile Accessories Cameras Laptops Automobiles Smart Speakers & Displays Free Echo Dot with an Insignia or Toshiba TV (save $50) An Echo Dot makes a fine match for any Fire edition TV, because you can use the latter to say things like, “Alexa, turn on the TV.” Right now, the 24-inch Insignia Fire TV Edition starts at just $100, while the 32-inch Toshiba Fire TV Editions is on sale for $130. Just add any Fire TV Edition to your cart, then add a third-gen Echo Dot, and presto: The latter is free. null See at Amazon Rylo 5.8K 360 Video Camera: $250 (save $250) 60 Photos Apple iPhone XS 7 See It Read the AirPods review Rylo “We will take measures to strengthen the display protection,” Samsung said in a statement Monday. “We will also enhance the guidance on care and use of the display including the protective layer so that our customers get the most out of their Galaxy Fold.”This reaction suggests that the company has learned from the 2016 Note 7 debacle, in which exploding batteries forced the company to discontinue that model.Meanwhile, other foldable phones, including Huawei’s Mate X and a rumored reconfiguration of the Motorola Razr, are poised to hit the market in the coming months.Read: Galaxy Fold “loss” could be Mate X and foldable Motorola Razr’s gainFirst published April 23, 3:28 a.m. PT.Updates at 3:47 a.m. and 8:25 a.m. PT: Added more details. Turo Boost Mobile Google Nest Hub: $59 (save $70) $999 Review • iPhone XS review, updated: A few luxury upgrades over the XR Read Google Home Hub review Turo is kind of like Uber meets Airbnb: You borrow someone’s car, but you do all the driving. I’ve used it many times and found it a great alternative to traditional car-rental services — in part because you get to choose exactly the vehicle you want (not just, say, “midsize”) and in part because you can often do pickup and dropoff right outside baggage claim.Between now and Sept. 1, the first 300 people to check out can get $30 off any Turo rental with promo code LDW30. Preview • iPhone XS is the new $1,000 iPhone X DJI Osmo Action camera: $261 (save $89) Tags JBL Soundgear wearable speaker: $90 (save $160) Comments See at Turo Other Labor Day sales you should check out Best Buy: In addition to some pretty solid MacBook deals that have been running for about a week already, Best Buy is offering up to 40% off major appliances like washers, dryers and stoves. There are also gift cards available with the purchase of select appliances. See it at Best BuyDell: Through Aug. 28, Dell is offering an extra 12% off various laptops, desktops and electronics. And check back starting Aug. 29 for a big batch of Labor Day doorbusters. See it at DellGlassesUSA: Aug. 29 – Sept. 3 only, you can save 65% on all frames with promo code labor65. See it at GlassesUSALenovo: The tech company is offering a large assortment of deals and doorbusters through Labor Day, with the promise of up to 56% off certain items — including, at this writing, the IdeaPad 730S laptop for $700 (save $300).See it at LenovoLensabl: Want to keep the frames you already love and paid for? Lensabl lets you mail them in for new lenses, based on your prescription. From now through Sept. 2 only, you can save 20% on the blue light-blocking lens option with promo code BLOCKBLUE. See it at LensablSears: Between now and Sept. 7, you can save up to 40% on appliances (plus an additional 10% if you shop online), up to 60% on mattresses, up to 50% on Craftsman products and more. The store is also offering some fairly hefty cashback bonuses. See it at SearsNote: This post was published previously and is continuously updated with new information.CNET’s Cheapskate scours the web for great deals on tech products and much more. For the latest deals and updates, follow the Cheapskate on Facebook and Twitter. Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page, and find more great buys on the CNET Deals page. $999 $999 Read DJI Osmo Action preview $999 Sarah Tew/CNET DJI’s answer to GoPro’s action cameras is rugged little model that’s shockproof, dustproof and waterproof down to 11 meters. It normally runs $350, but this deal drops it to $261 when you apply promo code 19LABOR10 at checkout. Turo: Save $30 on any car rental Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. Tags The Cheapskate Spotify and most other streaming services rely on compressed audio, which robs the listener of full fidelity. Enter Tidal, the only “major” service that delivers lossless audio — meaning at least on par with CD quality, if not better. Want to see (er, hear) the difference for yourself? Grab this excellent extended trial while you can. It’s just $6 for three months, and it’s good for up to six listeners. Amazonlast_img read more

Online home decor firm Livspace raises Rs 100 crore in third round

first_imgHome interior design marketplace Livspace has raised Rs. 100 crore in its third round of fund-raising led by Bessemer Venture Partners, Jungle Ventures and Helion. It will be utilised to expand the company’s operational footprint across metro cities and set up new design studios.Livspace had launched the home design automation platform a few weeks ago.The funds will be used to increase Livspace’s presence in Noida, Gurgaon and Mumbai this year and next year it plans to expand to Pune and Hyderabad, the company said in its statement on Monday. It will also create offline experience centres using technology tools based on augmented reality and virtual reality.Using design, data science technology and catalogues, Livspace creates looks and thousands of pictures that are optimised for every home. It helps owners visualise their homes before making any on-line purchase.”We want to create a truly innovative technology company out of India, with large scale revenue, and a commercially profitable footprint,” Anuj Srivastava, co-founder of Livspace said.”By combining the principles of platform, technology and design, we have built Livspace into a technology-driven, consumer internet company that continues to make explosive growth across all business metrics,” he added.In the next one year, Livspace aims to scale up customer experience and make it possible for anyone to have a home in less than 12 weeks and modular installations in less than eight weeks, the statement added.The company competes with other online design and furniture brands such as HomeLane, UrbanLadder and Housify.Livspace has managed to raise $27.6 million since beginning operations two years ago. The firm has made three acquisitions such as DezignUp, and YoFloor. It was founded by former Google and Myntra executives. The firm is based out of Bengaluru.last_img read more

Mouseless the invisible computer mouse w Video

first_img( — Mouseless is a computer mouse that allows you to interact with a computer with a mouse in the same way as usual – except that there is no mouse hardware. The researchers call it an “invisible mouse.” The MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces group works on ways of integrating the world of digital information and services more naturally into our normal lives, by designing intuitive and intelligent interfaces. Pranav Mistry is a PhD student and research assistant at MIT Media Lab. His project “SixthSense” won the Popular Science Invention of the Year award in 2009.• Learn about becoming sponsor Mouseless is an invisible computer mouse. There are no plans for commercializing the “invisible mouse,” but the prototype Mouseless was built for around $20 USD. The MIT group of researchers are now working on improvements to the recognition and tracking algorithms with the aim of building up an expanded command library. This may in the future lead to more complex gesture recognition than is possible at present, and could ultimately give the Mouseless a number of advantages over a physical mouse, since the number of functions handled by a physical mouse is limited. More information: Explore further A group of scientists working with the Fluid Interfaces Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab in Cambridge Massachusetts, were interested in removing the requirement for a physical mouse, while still allowing computer users to interact with their computers in a way with which they were familiar. The researchers, Pranav Mistry, Liyan Chang, and Pattie Maes, developed an infrared (IR) laser beam and associated camera that could be incorporated into the computer so that a plane of IR laser would be created just above the surface on which the computer is resting. The user acts as though a physical mouse were present and the laser beam is intersected by the hand, and parts of the hand are shown up as bright spots of light that change position as the hand moves. The built-in camera then interprets the changes in position of the hand and fingers and translates them as moves of the mouse and clicks on the two buttons, and the cursor on the screen moves as if the user was operating a physical mouse. © 2010 Movea’s Gyration Air Mouse Mouseless working prototype system Citation: Mouseless, the ‘invisible’ computer mouse (w/ Video) (2010, July 8) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Indian artists imagine an unknown Russia

first_imgThe third edition of the Indian Artists Paint Russia art camp brought together a group of artists here who painted images of the country solely based on their imagination.Held for the first time in July 2011, the annual Art Camp has been gaining popularity among artists in the Indian capital, with the 2013 edition breaking all records with the participation of 17 artists. Indian Artists Paint Russia is being held at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC), which is jointly organising the event with the Forum of Indian Photographers and Artists (FIPA). This year’s main theme is city life, with the artists being asked to focus on A Day in Moscow. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting”This year, we decided to split the display: the main part includes this year’s works, but next to them, you can see the paintings by the participants in previous Art Camps and those created by our guests of honour, including (Russian artist) Maxim Pridanov,’ said Anastasia Khokhlova , head of the RCSC cultural department.The camp is the second workshop in the series for Padmini Mehta and Aakshat Sinha, the latter having been granted the honorary status of its curator. He is the only participant to have been to Russia. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflix’Russia is an unfailing source of inspiration,’ Sinha said. ‘If they asked me to paint my most overwhelming impression of Russia, I would definitely paint Tsvetnoy Bulvar, where, between two busy roads, there’s a park with benches and very beautiful people sitting on them.’ This year, Sinha painted the fans of FC Spartak Moscow against the background of the Red Square. ‘Each city must have football fans,’ Sinha explained.For Mehta, Russia is a vibrant country. ‘People are very sweet, cooperative. That I really like.’ In Mehta’s painting, Russian girls enjoy a circle dance on snow-covered mountain peaks next to a pianist playing Tchaikovsky. The background features Victory Day fireworks. Sugandha Menda learnt about the workshop from her father. ‘My dad introduced me to the Art Camp. He was part of it much earlier, two years ago,’ she said, admitting that the hardest thing for her was to choose something special about Russia to paint.’But I asked myself: I have never been to Russia, so what shall I do? My father advised me to look through all the photos on the internet about the history of Russia, whatever I could find. Then we were given a few books and started painting. By that time, I realised that I had the feeling that Russia was famous for snow and its winter. Many people also told me that winter in Russia was amazing. And the architecture is something magnificent.’last_img read more

5 illmaintained buses unfit for city roads struck off by Kol Police

first_imgKolkata: In a major stride towards safety on city roads, the traffic department of Kolkata Police has already struck off five private buses that have been identified as unfit to ply. The step is a part of Kolkata Police’s recent drive to hunt down old and ill-maintained vehicles in the city that pose life risk to the passengers riding on them.”We have made a list of some of the extremely poorly maintained vehicles and the maximum of them are buses. We have submitted the list to the state Transport department urging them to take necessary steps to make them fit to ply on city roads. They have assured us of action,” said Sumit Kumar, Deputy Commissioner (Traffic). According to a senior official, the officials are checking all parameters that includes visual condition of the body of the vehicle, condition of tyres, passenger boarding steps, handles, rear view mirrors and the ‘braking system.’last_img read more