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first_imgRESULTS (DIVIDENDS)Caymanas Park Results for October 6, 2016Track Condition : Dirt : WETRace 1 1200 M (Purse $800,000) NB2-Y-O MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT1. #2 TRUE WHISPER JInnis3 48.52. #1 FLOWERS THIRTY AndreePowell4 51.5 1/2L3. #5 FEARLESS SAMURAI OWalker 54.0 1- 1/4L4. #4 TERRI’S PRINCESS AGray4 52.5 10LWIN: $162.00Qu: $2,222.00 Ex: $5,627.00Trifecta: $1,923.00Final Time : 1:15.3 Splits : 23.3, 48.0Winner : 2yo b filly – HE’STHEREALTHING – JUST WHISPERTrainer : WAYNE DACOSTA Owner: ELIZABETH DACOSTABred by ORANGE VALLEY ESTATES LTD.Race 2 1100 M (Purse $500,000) 4YO&UP CLM($180,0)-NOT EARNED $120,0 SINCE JUNE 6.1. #9 SIR D HPottinger2 51.52. #8 FIX IT UP VNajair 50.0 3/4L*3. #10 SMART BIDDER AntThomas4 51.0 1/2L4. #5 BALA BAD GAL LINKS SBlake 50.0 4LWIN: $525.00PLACE: $153.00, $107.00, $62.00Qu: $1,115.00 Ex: $3,089.00D/E : (2-9) $2,839.00Superfecta: $10,663.00Final Time : 1:10.0 Splits : 24.0, 48.3Winner : 8yo ch horse – CONCERTO (USA) – ANOTHER MOOCHIETrainer : RYAN DARBY Owner : RAPHAEL GORDONBred by STUD EL AGUILARace 3 1600 M (Purse $500,000) NB4-Y-O & UP MAIDEN CONDITION RACE1. #7 BURLIN NBerger4 53.02. #6 WAITING FOR ONE DDawkins2 51.0 Neck*3. #1 GOFORHOME AntThomas4 50.0 1- 1/4L4. #2 RAWALPINDI EXPRESS AndreePowell4 50.0 5-1/2LWIN: $661.00PLACE: $181.00, $113.00, $64.00Qu: $2,123.00 Ex: $3,079.00D/E: $10,447.00Trifecta: $4,256.00Rolling Triple: $123,217.00Final Time : 1:45.2 Splits : 24.3, 49.0, 1:15.0Winner : 4yo ch colt – DISTORTED – STAR OF THE SEATrainer : PAUL HYLTON Owner : PAUL HYLTONBred by JOSEPH & PETER-JOHN RHODENRace 4 1200 M (Purse $768,000) NB3-Y-O MAIDEN CONDITION RACE-NOT FINISHED 2ND-4TH1. #2 LEIGHTON REID DDawkins2 56.02. #3 HE’S A MACHINE OFoster 52.5 2-1/4L3. #8 TWILIGHT CAT PParchment 56.0 2-1/2L*4. #9 MRS. K. T. JJackson 53.0 3/4L5. #1 BIGMAN UNION DBadaloo 55.0 2-1/4L6. #4 RED DREAD HPottinger2 50.0 3/4LLate scratch : #5 EMPIRESTRIKESBACKWIN: $172.00PLACE: $73.00, $71.00, $74.00Final Time : 1:16.0 Splits : 23.0, 47.0Qu: $312.00 Ex: $603.00D/E: $3,626.00Hit-6: $2,844.00Rolling Triple : (9-7-2) $28,819.00Winner : 3yo ch colt – REGION OF MERIT – SUPER LASSTrainer : ANTHONY NUNES Owner : STEPHAN NARINESINGHBred by ORANGE VALLEY ESTATES LTD.Race 5 1500 M (Purse $768,000) IMP3YO&UP(NW3&MDN)/NB3YO-REST.STAKES1. #6 JAMAI RAJA OEdwards2 50.5 *4/5 92.002. #7 WILL IN CHARGE OMullings 51.0 7/5 4 1/23. #4 MR. DOITBETTA HPottinger2 51.0 9/2 9 1/24. #3 PRINCESS EMANUELLE JInnis3 48.5 9/2 1Late scratch : #2 FRANCIA’S PRIDEWIN: $92.00Qu: $90.00 Ex: $172.00D/E: $381.00Trifecta: $82.00Rolling Triple: $7,864.00Final Time : 1:30.2 Splits : 23.0, 45.3Winner : 3yo ch colt – MARKET RALLY – ANGELA’S FAVORITETrainer : RICHARD AZAN Owner: M.AZAN, R.AZAN, W.BAGWANDEEN & G.BROWNBred by HAM STABLES LTD.CECIL C. CHARLTON MEMORIAL TROPHYRace 6 1300 M (Purse $620,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($550,0-$500,0)/NB4YO-NW41. #6 UNBREAKABLE AChatrie 54.02. #1 TITANIC AntThomas4 50.0 1-1/2L*3. #7 FORTUNEONEHUNDRED RHalledeen 54.0 Neck4. #9 LADY BELRIDGE KRobinson 52.5 2LLate scratch : #8 SCOOP JORDYNEWIN: $241.00PLACE: $65.00, $96.00, $78.00Qu: $506.00 Ex: $932.00D/E: $456.00Superfecta: $10,367.00Rolling Triple: $1,949.00Pick-4: $27,776.00Super-6: Carry-over : $840,927.75Final Time : 1:20.0 Splits : 22.4, 46.2, 1:12.3,Winner : 5yo ch colt – TRADITIONAL – ONEMOREFASHIONTrainer : STEVEN TODD Owner : STEVEN TODDBred by HAM STABLES LTD.Race 7 1000 M (S) (Purse $530,000) 3-Y-O & UP ($250,0-$210,0)/NB5YO-NW2&6YO-NW41. #2 FIFTYONESTORM BebHarvey2 53.0*2. #5 GIRLY GIRLY LINKS OWalker 52.5 HD3. #7 PLAY STATION PFrancis 52.0 8L4. #10 WARRIOR PRINCESS JErwin 53.0 3-1/4LLate scratch : #8 BORDER LINEWIN: $137.00PLACE: $51.00, $51.00, $57.00Qu: $145.00 Ex: $460.00D/E: $700.00Superfecta: $1,066.00Rolling Triple: $1,567.00Final Time : 0:58.4 Splits : 22.0, 46.0Winner : 5yo b filly – STORM CRAFT – SHE’S A GEMTrainer : DENRICK CHAMBERS Owner: DENRICK CHAMBERSBred by ALLAN L. FLOWERSMONICA TODD MEMORIAL CUPRace 8 2000 M (Purse $500,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($180,0)/NB6YO&UP-NW31. #1 DR. TRAIN RHalledeen 57.02. #9 YES SHE WILL AndreePowell4 47.0 18-1/2L3. #4 COLORS OF WAR HPottinger2 50.5 3/4L4. #6 SMART TRAIN RLahoe 55.0 2-1/2LWIN: $219.00PLACE: $98.00, $145.00, $72.00Qu: $5,539.00 Ex: $6,817.00D/E: $773.00Superfecta carry-over : $10,698,025.00Rolling Triple: $3,100.00Final Time : 2:13.0 Splits : 26.0, 52.4, 1:18.4, 1:44.3Winner : 3yo b gelding – LIQUIDITY – SILVER MINTTrainer: IAN PARSARD Owner : IAN PARSARDBred by DR. PATRICK GRAHAMFONTAINBLEU TROPHYRace 9 1500 M (Purse $845,000) 3-Y-O & UP OPEN ALLOWANCE1. #5 HOUDINI’S MAGIC SEllis 54.0*2. #1 PHINEAS RHalledeen 57.0 Neck3. #2 HOVER CRAFT OWalker 55.0 2L4. #3 MOM’S STUDENT JPatterson2 49.0 HeadWIN: $134.00PLACE: $50.00, $50.00, $51.00Qu: $122.00 Ex: $244.00D/E: $757.00Trifecta: $83.00Rolling Triple: $2,893.00Final Time : 1:31.2 Splits : 23.0, 46.2, 1:10.3,Winner : 4yo b colt – PERFORMING MAGIC out of MILESTONE by VANADIUMTrainer : NUNES,ANTHONY C Owner : DERRICK H BRANDTBred by EVERGLADES FARMS LTD.Race 10 1000 M (R) (Purse $768,000) NB3-Y-O RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE II(NW2)-FILLIES1. #14 GOLD MINER OWalker 53.02. #10 LIKE A LADY SEllis 54.0 2L*3. #11 DREAMING THE CODE HLewis 52.5 1L4. #8 LOTTERY TICKET JInnis3 48.0 Neck5. #12 CROWN PRINCESS OMullings 52.5 3/4L6. #2 HELLO LADY DDawkins2 51.0 3/4LWIN: $161.00PLACE: $88.00, $96.00, $70.00Qu: $973.00 Exacta: $1,211.00D/E: $490.00Trifecta: $1,104.00Hi-5: $39,026.00Rolling Triple: $2,945.00Pick-4: $8,580.00Super-6: $34,185.00Pick-9: $8,548.00; $164.50Carry-over : $1,075,319.70Final Time : 0:59.3 Splits : 23.0, 46.2Winner : 3yo b filly – LEGAL PROCESS – GOOD AS GOLDTrainer : WAYNE DACOSTA Owner : CARLTON WATSONBred by HENRY JAGHAI O.D., J.P.,last_img read more

Bushmans Kloof puts community first

first_imgThe role the community has played in the success of the award-winning Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve has been highlighted at the reopening of the family village at the reserve recently.The family village of 126 people is made up of staff members and their familiesBushmans Kloof is a five-star luxury lodge about 200km from Cape Town. Committed to conservation, culture, and advancement of the community, its approach to tourism is being recognised worldwide as “an exemplary model for truly sustainable growth and development”, said Anita Mendiratta, a spokesperson for the resort.The family village of 126 people is made up of staff members and their families. With housing for 26 families, a library with high-speed internet access, and a crèche, it is “a clear expression of, and investment in, the future of tourism through the well being of those who work in the industry”, says Mendiratta.Stanley and Beatrice Tollman, chair of the Travel Corporation and president and founder of Red Carnation hotels, are behind the family village. Its reopening marked the 10th anniversary of the Tollman’s ownership.“At the heart of the initiative was their desire to provide a home for employees and their immediate family, creating a sense of community among the people of Bushmans Kloof, in addition to providing employees with a happy fulfilled work life with genuine career progression,” says Mendiratta.Helen Zille, the premier of the Western Cape who made the keynote address at the opening ceremony, said Bushmans Kloof Family Village was “a glimpse of what the new South Africa can be”.Joining the families and friends of Bushmans Kloof were other dignitaries, including Miller Matola, the chief executive of Brand South Africa; Lorna Scheepers, Clanwilliam’s executive mayor; Alan Winde, the MEC for Finance, Economic Development and Tourism in the Western Cape; as well as special guests from Clanwilliam, the nearest town.The facilities at the family village are based on leading practices for community planning and development, Mendiratta says. The newly built community hall adds to the social space and “beautification of the village”.EXAMPLE OF SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYThe family village has housing for 26 families, a library with high-speed internet access, and a crècheTaleb Rifai, secretary general of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, has paid tribute to the Tollman family as ordinary South Africans doing extraordinary things for all South Africans.“I am one of those who have the privilege of knowing the Tollmans and have come to admire their integrity and their commitment to tourism and its social responsibility,” Rifai said. He congratulated the Tollman’s for the successful “business and human story” in which they transformed Bushmans Kloof.“The tourism community is privileged to count on entrepreneurs like you, who daily transform tourism into new opportunities and new dreams for their clients, their employees and the communities that host them,” he said. “Bushmans Kloof Family Village, as an example of social responsibility in tourism. It is through initiatives such as this that we can make tourism a true force for the good of all.” Located in one of South Africa’s richest and most beautiful natural and historical environments, Bushmans Kloof has over 7 500 hectares of land nestled in a unique part of the magnificent Cape, which is home to three botanical biomes.Bushmans Kloof made it on to respected international magazine Condé Nast Traveler’s “gold list” for South Africa as one of the world’s best places to stay in 2014. It was rated by readers as the No 1 resort/safari camp in Africa and came third on the “top 100 hotels” in in 2013. in 2009, it won Condé Nast Traveler’s Wildlife Conservation award for integrating sustainable practices into every facet of its operation, with projects including a worm farm to generate compost, installation of solar panels, and the collaring and monitoring of the rare Caracal lynx.last_img read more

The eradication of Guinea worm in Africa

first_imgSince 1986 former American president Jimmy Carter has worked to eradicate Dracunculiasis – the extremely painful and debilitating Guinea worm disease – from the African continent. Three decades later, the dread disease has almost been eliminated.Former US presidnet Jimmy Carter wants to see the eradication of Guinea worm infections in his lifetime. (Image: Carter Center)Sulaiman PhilipDracunculiasis. It sounds like a blood sucking monster of nightmares. But the world is close to making the dream of eradicating an incubus parasite cooked up in the dystopian visions of HR Giger come true.Guinea worm disease, the more common name for dracunculiasis, is a parasitic infection caused by the nematode roundworm parasite Dracunculus medenisis. At the end of the cycle of infection, a metre-long parasite emerges slowly, painfully, from a blister on the skin. The disease is contracted when people drink water from a stagnant source contaminated by Guinea worm larvae. After mating inside a human host, the female worm matures over a year before slowly emerging through a lesion it creates in its host’s skin.There is no medication to fight infection. The age-old treatment has been to slowly pull or cut the worm out of the body. As the parasite begins burrowing out, villagers wrap it around a stick and slowly wind it out over 20 days.Ringo Naah Sulley, the district director of Ghana’s Asante Akim South District Health Services, explains: “They put a knife in fire until it is red hot. Then they incise it [the blister]. Usually the pus opens and the Guinea worm emerges. Sometimes the Guinea worm is even cut into pieces.”Watch:Lifelines: How to slay a dragon.Infection is not a minor inconvenience. Often a patient is host to three or four worms. Infections from incising the blisters are common. Or patients are too weak to care for themselves or their families, work or attend school.Agitated sufferers seek relief for their burning skin by soaking in pools. But contact with water stimulates the worm to release its larvae into the water. People drinking from this infested pool are infected and the cycle begins all over again.Jimmy Carter and hopeIn one of the greatest medical triumphs of modern history, Guinea worm infections have dropped from 3.2 million in 1986 to just 22 in 2015. Success would mean that Guinea worm would become only the second disease – after smallpox – to be eradicated through human intervention.In 1991, Guinea worm infections were endemic across 23 735 villages in Asia and Africa. Today there are just 30 villages in four countries – Mali, Chad, Ethiopia and South Sudan – with new infections.That the world, and Africa, is this close to complete eradication is down to a massive campaign led by former American president Jimmy Carter and the staff of the Carter Center. Working under the motto “Wage peace, fight disease, build hope”, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and a group of scientists, doctors and volunteers have worked to eradicate Guinea worm globally.Over three decades the campaign has cost R4 218-billion – a cost borne by the Carter Center, governments and global health organisations, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the British government, Opec Fund for International Development, the president of the United Arab Emirates, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, Unicef and the World Health Organization.Without a medical cure, the Carter Center programme has highlighted the importance of prevention and education. Its success has, as Carter pointed out recently, helped, “the poorest of all people, but who are as intelligent, ambitious and as hard-working as we are”.Obsessive responseCarter and his staff have been obsessive about his eradication programme. Success in his lifetime would be for the 91-year-old cancer survivor, his “most satisfying achievement”.Donald Hopkins, of the Carter Center’s eradication programme, says success can be put down to their engagement with local communities. “Because it would be a disaster for outsiders, and by that I mean people from other countries, or even people from outside the community, to come in and demand that people do one thing or another.”Hopkins explains that the centre and its partners describe the infection cycle and remind communities the power to stop it is in their hands. This has led to some interesting community-led initiatives. “It’s true that in some communities, the village elders got together and agreed that if anyone knowingly went into a drinking water source with a Guinea worm coming out of their body, they would fine them a goat or something else as a way of punishment. But the important thing is that it must be the community that puts those sanctions in place.”Prevention is the cureDavid Agyemang, who worked on Ghana’s Guinea worm eradication programme, says any successful programme involves getting people to change their behaviour. It is more difficult to get people with a worm dangling from their foot to not seek relief in communal water sources.Preventative medicine is often the cheapest, most effective and most efficient way to eradicate disease. Beyond outreach, the Carter Center has developed and provided netting to help villages filter their water.The science is simple. A fine weave net cleans water of the Guinea worm larvae. Nigeria had 656 000 cases of Guinea worm infection in 1988 before 6 million square metres of nylon netting was produced to filter drinking water, now the country is infection free.Pipe filters, worn around the neck, has proven to be a cheap and effective way to stop new infections. (Image: Carter Center)By 2001, 80% of the new cases were in war-torn Sudan. Carter Center volunteers bravely distributed 8.5 million pipe filters, enough for the entire population. Made of a hard plastic encasing the nylon filter, the pipe can be worn around the neck and filters water as you drink.The biggest challenge for the centre when it began its programme was communication. Carter says: “The people who have Guinea worm live in the most isolated and poverty-stricken villages in the world. They were totally illiterate. And they didn’t have any knowledge of, or much less access to, radio or television. So how do you teach them?”The center turned to cartoons on posters and books to teach communities about the infection life cycle and the importance of filtering water. The programme has proved to be so successful that images are now printed on cloth that is used to make dresses, shirts and T-shirts.Dr Hopkins is please by the success of the programme. He says Carter may yet get his wish of seeing the end of infection before his death. “I do feel happy that people are not suffering, but it’s not over until we are at zero.”Watch: Guinea worm, a painful parasite that once affected millions of people each year, may soon be relegated to the past.last_img read more

‘Nagpur can be development centre’

first_imgNAGPUR: Nagpur, with its mix of infrastructure and culture, has the potential to become the centre of development of the country, President Ram Nath Kovind said on Friday. The President, who was on a day-long tour of Nagpur on Friday, visited Deekshabhoomi, where Dr. B.R. Ambedkar converted to Buddhism with lakhs of his followers in 1956. Mr. Kovind also inaugurated the Suresh Bhat Natya Sabhagrah and a vipassana meditation centre at the Dragon Palace Temple complex in Kamptee area on the outskirts of Nagpur. This was his first visit to Maharashtra after assuming the office of President. “Maharashtra is the karmabhoomi of many revolutionaries, social reformers, and saints. The list of great social and political leaders produced by the State is a long one. Maharashtra was one of the main centres of the freedom struggle. Many important chapters of the freedom movement, including the Quit India movement of 1942, were written in Maharashtra. Mahatma Gandhi regarded Gopal Krishna Gokhale as his guru, and made Wardha his workplace,” Mr. Kovind said at the inauguration of the Suresh Bhat Natya Sabhagrah. He added, “Maharashtra is not only a hub of industry and business of the country, but that of its culture and art as well. Mumbai is described as the economic capital of India. By linking its heritage of education and culture with trade and technology, Maharashtra is giving strength to the entire country in the 21st century. In the quest for development and economic change, we have to take care to keep our cultural moorings intact. In this context, Maharashtra is setting an example for the nation.” He appreciated “the rapid development of modern infrastructure in Nagpur”. “The Zero Mile Nagpur, traditionally regarded the geographical centre of the country, has the potential to become the centre of development of India as well,” the President said. Earlier, at the inauguration of the vipassana centre, Mr. Kovind called vipassana an effective way to cleanse our mind and body. He said the ideals of Buddhist philosophy were reflected in the Constitution.last_img read more

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Strong Mentality is Inspirational, Says Granada Defender Domingos Duarte

first_img cristiano ronaldoDomingos Duartefootball First Published: November 8, 2019, 11:43 PM IST Portuguese central defender Domingos Duarte, who plays for Granada in the Spanish LaLiga, wants to imbibe Cristiano Ronaldo’s “strong mentality” as he strives to break into the national team on the back of helping his club get off to a good start this season.”He (Ronaldo) has the mentality like no one. To maintain yourself at the top for so many years like Cristiano does, it’s very difficult,” Duarte told IANS in a telephonic interview from Spain. “Cristiano has talent but his main quality is his mentality. He is still willing to learn. That’s what I see from outside. I haven’t met him but I would like to,” said Duarte of the Portuguese star who plays for Italian giants Juventus and is regarded as one of the best footballers of this generation.Duarte is yet to break into the Portugal senior team but has represented his country at the age group levels.LaLiga newcomers Granada shocked Spanish football by topping the table after 10 games and now find themselves in sixth position after 12 games with 20 points, two adrift of leaders FC Barcelona whom they beat earlier this season.Duarte, 24, has been a vital part of Granada’s success in the opening weeks and months of the season. When Granada went to the top of the table after the 10th round of the season, Duarte had featured in every single possible minute and had even scored a couple of goals, as well as making several vital defensive interventions.”We need to keep working the same way in training. Just hope the results keep coming as they have been,” said Duarte who had previously played in Spanish football in LaLiga SmartBank, the second tier, when he was on loan from Sporting Clube de Portugal at Deportivo La Coruña in the 2018/19 season before he was transferred to Granada on a permanent deal in June.Asked if they have pressure of expectation now going into the second half of the season, he said: “We don’t have pressure. We don’t care what people say. The most important thing is what our coach says and we focus on our training and prepare game by game.”Granada had stunned Barcelona in September by a 2-0 margin. Ramon Azeez and Álvaro Vadillo had netted in either half. Asked what was the secret behind them being able to stop Barcelona and Lionel Messi, Duarte explained: “We know Messi is a great player, but we need to stop him. Maybe put one or two players near him all the time.”We know the kind of players they have. If you give them too much time with the ball, they will hurt your defence. Barcelona you know that they will have more possession than you so you need to be strong and make sure they don’t get deep inside your half too much.”Granada take on Valencia on Saturday. Get the best of News18 delivered to your inbox – subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and on YouTube, and stay in the know with what’s happening in the world around you – in real time.last_img read more