ranked 100 outside disappear you continue to insist on it

in 2013, it is Shanghai dragon Er disaster, love Shanghai Lee chain standard, how much the chain Commissioner lost his job? How many links to the sale of the chain, on behalf of other enterprises, many small and medium-sized enterprises  collateral damage ? Love Shanghai update algorithm, as is the user experience better, is that so? Put out a large number of Web sites, user experience is better? I do not think so, those illegal spam station is still safe and sound, standing, bitter is earnest do stand webmaster, but once again fell in love in Shanghai under the sword. read more

Use some of my personal love Shanghai thumb share

? Numerical

three, love Shanghai will punish cheating on

a, the introduction of social flow, may increase can increase the degree of communication and make deals.

C, the display page sharing, can make the number of the page is displayed in the sharing of love Shanghai in the search results page, help users judge web quality.

B, as far as possible to share love, love of Shanghai Shanghai and Shanghai Post Bar space to love and love, so that we can form a better Shanghai his thumb interaction. read more

Let the station master’s art of war and the Shanghai dragon shoes to say goodbye

– "the article" the webmaster of war

– "combat" webmaster of war

stressed: routineer will be beaten. To change the status quo is a method: change! "

has the potential of water often work out measures to suit local conditions, often visible amorphous. Webmaster webmaster not mercenary, have their own "art of war", a lot of the time, when we see a lot of old Shanghai dragon gives students a share, and dry cargo to your site to do very good, we still feel a dragon Shanghai shoes, if we carefully study and master the correct use of the art of war. Then, we will soon say goodbye and the Shanghai dragon shoes. So today let me borrow the A5 Adsense nets and talk about the art of war, the webmaster. read more

How to create the user satisfaction with the website

2, exchange experience:

3, emotional experience:

users to your website because users demand, so you have to do is simple and fast to meet the needs of users. We give an example of it, first of all your content is useful, please note it is useful content, how to judge is not useful? I think so, you said the content you don’t need to say anymore, you said you don’t mention the view, you need to say another explanation the summary is surprisingly to winning, meet other sites did not meet the needs of users. Simple and fast, is to make the user access to the content is simple, fast, a step can point to, don’t let users step two. read more

How to do with the web site keywords ranking

today Xiaobian first to talk about yourself, as the network sales website optimization ranking is the emphasis of our work is a special automobile industry, however, do optimization need patience and execution, at this time of the Spring Festival, Xiaobian feel in this respect is very poor, rarely able to spare the time to manage the website, often do not update the site a few days, although the website ranking did not fall, but it is not good for all sites, so long will not only impact on the site, or slowly erode our will, so that we become more and more lazy, a little bit of the consumption of our patience and perseverance to that’s when you want to adhere to the optimization is often inadequate, I do not know whether it is during the Spring Festival also made the same mistake as me. read more

The normalization of the canonical tag


3. page weight transfer. For many pages website, is to transfer the weight between the secondary page and home page is more important.

today introduced a new label standard: canonical.

wordpress blog, will produce a lot of URL, but the content of the page is the same:



We take the

site specification will reduce the page weight



first, Canonical tag is what? Canonical tag is to tell the search engine which is authoritative page page. So its role is self-evident: read more

n case the mother how to excavate the long tail keywords

into the word index of May is straight up, from 70000 to 140000, then 350000 is a day for two days, as early as in the word mid March index reached more than 3000, see more and more people pay attention to the family, which for us is a thing very gratifying, in addition for we also should seize this opportunity, in the flow of this festival is part of a flow interception inside it. I analyze how to use the long tail keywords interception must flow in this festival.

These are some of the long tail keywords read more

Little joke three steps to the website of the amount collected fly


of course there are some other details, I generally summarize, it is not practical, only their own combat to know, ha ha. This little joke Daquan (贵族宝贝xiaobud贵族宝贝) exclusive experience, please leave the chain chain experience, thank you.

The chain

as the saying goes, all roads lead to Rome. The literal meaning is how to go, where to go to arrive in Rome, so the website should have this form, all the chain site (oneself), which will let the search engine think your website is very popular, because most of the path will come to your website, that users love it make the chain for the emperor according to the. So a strong chain can make your included high ranking good. read more

Junior high school graduates in Shanghai Longfeng entrepreneurial experience inspired those still in

I want to write some inspiring things

had a lot of inferiority, there had been a lot of blood.

and I have to like confusion, even with some inferior low educated friends said some encouraging words, these words are not entirely on my Weakness lends wings to rumours., that Shanghai Longfeng entrepreneurial experience, standing on the third angle objective to share with you, mutual encouragement. If such an article in you after reading will make you feel warm, will become more confident and impulsive, so this is my greatest comfort. read more

Analysis of 10 kinds of black hat techniques in Shanghai Dragon

2. large chain back

buy 3. single link

4. hidden text and hidden links

literally can see both the meaning of the text is by some means or links to get only the search engine can be seen, the user is invisible. The black hat technique is usually text or link color settings and background are similar or the same, or text or link set is very small, such as 1px, then the naked eye is difficult to find, but this is usually CSS (style) of the file.

Although Multiple links to the same page of the anchor text to a read more

22 days to restore weight thanks to the A5 team in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis proposal

after the initial detection of A5 team of engineers, mainly because the site is down right is two level optimization of the internal structure of the domain name is not perfect, after the 7 day project, engineers gave me a 25 page "Shanghai dragon" was the diagnosis proposal, dense text did not hold much hope, in twenty-second days in accordance with the proposal to perform operations, the site began to recover the weight.

webmaster some curious diagnosis what are the contents of the book, for the diagnosis, raises more questions, analyze problems and solve problems, for the novice webmaster, like operation tutorial steps clear, specific to how to modify, so novice webmaster do not have to worry about their not operation. Such as below to see some specific process. read more

Shanghai dragon of the high end market profit model with decomposition

know now Shanghai dragon network optimization is more and more, how to win in such a competitive market? I think the first is to enhance the team leader and the technical strength of the continuous improvement of the profit model, the second is to pay attention to brand marketing, scale development. At this stage the Shanghai dragon market is undergoing division of the scale, the area or transaction optimization optimization personal name, with the passage of time will gradually be big, thinking of Shanghai dragon team instead of Shanghai dragon market is moving toward standardization mode, even including the overall corporate image specification CIS. read more

Google K site restoration included combat tutorial on

, will receive a letter called for a re examination of the application of 贵族宝贝lenry.cn/ in the mail in Webmaster Tools > background.

first add website in Google webmaster tools, you feel the right way, through the website ownership certification, I by adding the meta tag in the head website, will go directly to the site certification through the management console.

in front of the two we have no problem, we now proceed to the third step, click on the link to the request to review page, choose to apply for a re examination of the site, and agreed to "re audit statement" clause. In the edit box, to provide what had operations which may lead to the punishment results, has taken corrective measures to assist in order to evaluate the review of the completed application, submitted after the success will prompt: read more

Don’t talk nonsense website of Shanghai Longfeng flow factor is not open around only three

website traffic is the most fundamental included, this is also the site of the most fundamental things have not included rankings flow all out of the question. But everyone ignored is also included to improve traffic, because many sites in the architecture has decided it is difficult to obtain the long tail keywords ranking, another point is that we have on the website of the resource planning, some Shanghai Longfeng operator level, or put too much resources toward home and so on a number of factors in some small and medium-sized website and enterprise website no long tail keywords ranking. General can take a few simple core keywords do search engine home have thankfully, some sites are too small, a total of dozens of pages, even if there is a long tail keyword ranking can bring traffic, but the amount is limited, or simply do not feel that this did not attract people’s attention. read more

The electronic commerce website operators in the user experience

third, pre-sale service experience.

3) website architecture experience: the structure set is reasonable, whether the classification set clear, whether to allow users to easily find the products.

2) website performance experience: page open speed is fast, the existence of dead links (error page), is compatible with all browsers. (this and important, please pay particular attention to the

(telephone) users online consultation, customer service staff to answer whether or not timely, whether professional, whether appropriate, whether the customer satisfaction, the final purchase behavior of this will determine the user. read more

Take over a new electricity supplier website how to optimize the site

in a blog on the "depth of interpretation of the website user experience of three elements (3): don’t let me out", as we said, users are lazy love, if your website operation efficiency is very low, will make the user resulting in irritability, bad experience, or even a bad reputation. Search function is the preferred tool for user lazy.

refers to 2 points: 1 to be flexible for the user, can also direct shopping for non registration; the 2 payment is flexible, can support a variety of payment methods, such as Alipay, online banking, finance etc.. More than a choice, may be less loss of some orders. read more

Robots txt robots txt and the role of grammar writing

Disallow: /


User-agent: *

Disallow: /

robots.txt written as follows:

User-agent: *


User-agent: *

4 if we forbade the nobles to our website baby index, in fact, with example 3, is the User-agent: header file name into Google spider aristocrat baby bot

3 if we need a search engine to grab it, for example, love Shanghai, love Shanghai banned index our website

Disallow: /


robots.txt written as follows:

robots.txt written as follows:

2 if we ban all search engines to access the site of all parts of the word read more

The four basic elements of the construction should follow the original content

first, the only element of the. Only, as the name suggests, is the content of your site in other places has not occurred. This is very easy to understand his intention to write articles, the intention to be the one and only, only also did not appear on the Internet, this characteristic, many webmaster to shoddy, false original when the original article released false original article in many paragraphs and sentences are others appeared before, such the article is not original, because the most basic elements of the original, they do not have. read more

The analysis of key indicators of PR output chain exchange is easy to ignore in our values

is another key is the chain of garbage. In today’s network environment, the chain is a disaster caused by flooding water. We were just beginning to do some manual is still quite satisfactory, but also gradually find a rule, the chain is the more you, your ranking will be, so what posting machine, what machine top posts are out, and now the Internet has also developed a number of domestic on behalf of the soft, PR draft team or organization and company group.

and above all to Shanghai dragon, in order to rank in order to flow, there is a person in so doing, all people will do, you do not you will die very quickly. So now the Internet a lot of garbage, a get out of hand. read more