The winter of online movie sites has come

news links: SARFT on strengthening the management of Internet audio-visual program content notice:

this notice is tantamount to a clear sound of thunder, and like a super storm, the Duoxinxin struggling to make the movie station webmaster scraped into an icy abyss!

First, second, third of the

notifications are beyond reproach, regulating the content of online audio-visual programs and putting an end to vulgarity. But the fourth: "four, Internet audio-visual program service spread television, must comply with the relevant provisions of the administration of Radio Film and television, radio and television administrative department issued in accordance with the law to obtain the" license for public projection of films "," teleplay issues license "or" TV cartoons issued permits "; theoretical literature film communication shall be made in accordance with the law of radio and television administrative departments issued a" academic literature movie televise licence ". Without obtaining the "license for public projection of films" domestic and foreign films, not made "teleplay issues license" of domestic and foreign TV drama, has not made the "TV cartoon issues license" of domestic and foreign cartoons and without obtaining the "academic literature movie televise licence" of the sacrifice film will not be allowed on the internet." read more

Website dispersed traffic and multi platform promotion

, I’ve sorted out the directions for the 2013 SEO optimization strategy, and the future trends of SEO:

(1) website’s dispersed traffic is still the most important thing that each website must pay attention to.

although our website is mainly based on SEO, we never think SEO is the most indispensable item of network marketing, but we should not take any network marketing single item as the only strategy.

, that is, must take into account the SEO traffic, Youku traffic, Tudou traffic… And other traffic, not because of a blocked road and affect the survival of the entire site. Especially to see many SMEs rely on Baidu SEO traffic to run their website, is a very dangerous thing, if you let Baidu K dropped, it would be fatal. read more

Rongcheng information port how to break through the county website

my city of Rongcheng, is a county-level city, see Wikipedia information on the "Rongcheng city is located in the east of Shandong Peninsula, surrounded on three sides by the sea. The total area is 1392 square kilometers. By the end of 2008, the total population of the city’s population was 667472." From the map, Rongcheng is in the easternmost part of Shandong, and is far away from Korea and japan. Economically speaking, Rongcheng is one of the few in Shandong, although the economy is relatively developed, but the city population, and scattered, Shidao harbor economy are good, in general, the population of Rongcheng is not many. read more

Talking about how to do portal website well

portal from the regional definition basically is based on the local city, from the website content is comprehensive information is integrated at present the city has been basically formed the industry website content, including classified information, press releases, real estate information, group purchase, several major sections for job recruitment, and integration of the forum program these plates, if to be comprehensive and effective utilization, it gives users a more centralized and comprehensive information platform. Broadly speaking, this is an ideal site, should be user support, will have a very high hit rate, in fact, if we do not promote, the portal will be difficult to survive, because other industry websites such as local real estate network, talent network, news network has been in their hearts root. Then, how can we let users access our website? From my own point of view of the operation of the portal, there are several aspects worth discussing with you. read more

Reconfigure NetBOS on Windows XP

does not need to use NetBIOS for networking in Windows 2000 XP unless you have NT 4, Workstation, Windows 2000, Pro, or Windows 98 computers on your network. Therefore, to plug the security hole, simply disable NetBIOS. You must configure TCP/IP to use WINS before disabling NetBIOS.

configuration TCP/IP using WINS

if you have configured TCP/IP to use WINS, skip to the next section: disable NetBIOS.

on the Windows taskbar, click "start" > "control panel" > "network and Internet connections" > "network connection" or in "standard view" click "start" > "control panel" > "network connection" read more

What about the movie site

recently, I did a movie site, although it was built a month, but the flow is not bad, the daily IP difference, there are 1000, PV, there are more than 2000, OK?. Why do think of a movie website? Do you not see the Chinese film industry is developing quickly, almost all from young to old, love the movie, and the movie station is the most easy to flow, so the movie website will have great development prospects.

below, I will talk about the site for one month, some views on the development of the film site. read more

Careless move toward the road of grassroots webmaster 1

this year’s financial crisis really came, it is time for a few years ago, I let the rapid development of the capital market dizzy, and all the funds reached the fund, with confidence to close at 8000. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment, and fell to 2000 of the time, can not stand the loss of principal, so often search the Internet how to make money.

in June saw a Alibaba selling website, said shopping discount how to make money, it is hooked, so XINGRAN bought a station, the name of ebuy123. Station is established, but also to promote ah, it kept on posting to the forum, the result of busy for several weeks, the effect is very small, a little cheated feeling. But still want to thank this station selling, let me like the webmaster career. read more

Exchange links to find your own site

these days, busy to help the website find friendship links, experience again and again not suitable, also experienced a surprise. Dealing with different friendships makes me learn how to calm down and find the best solution. I’ll share my experience with you,

first, first of all, I would like to introduce the website which I need to optimize,, which is a professional website for the virtual host and domain name registration. The key word is "virtual host"". Its basic situation is PR3, Baidu included normal, snapshot three days update, looking for the same kind of industry, basically is some website construction, website optimization, webmaster home kind of web site. read more

Difficulties and changes in group buying model seen from the crisis of Groupon and LivingSocial

group purchase and long tail products is the modern Internet two era of e-commerce business model of the most classic. The group purchase in different time and space consumption system set up to get the wholesale price is reverse, the subversion of the traditional way of sales has been broke. The long tail products can only store selling products sales Co., limited to unlimited sale possible today to talk about the group purchase. The first point is the need of special note is the traditional wholesale, group purchase reverse mode, is not what fresh things. There is a very long time ago. Just before the sales organization is in the group purchase, a small range attempt is very simple, such as in the same unit. It used to be different in different regions of the time to gather the demand is very difficult. The advent of the Internet, greatly solve the information asymmetry situation, let the group purchase to re radiate new life! In a very short period of time, both at home and abroad are the rise of a large number of group purchase start-up companies, want to dig into the pot of gold in gold mine in the internet. Among them, the United States Groupon and LivingSocial for others, technology and advanced concepts and become the industry benchmark. read more

A little experience on improving the user experience of the website

has long wanted to write an article about the user experience, and it’s important for me to capture the user experience for the lottery sales websites, because the competition in this industry is too fierce. I don’t dare to say much about the user experience of other websites. I think I can say a few words about ·, such as ·, ·, ·, ·, ·, and

one, so that users can rest assured that

truly let users rest assured lottery website is the first thing to do, the lottery is a special consumer goods, it can not determine the value of a winning lottery ticket worth up to tens of millions or even billions, and a non winning lottery ticket is not worth a hair. Many lottery willing to pay money to buy lottery tickets, is to win the lottery, very few lottery is to offer love, if it is really love, then this way, good way to go. The user in the lottery website, the biggest doubt is: if I win you not to do? So the lottery website must release the bonus to that principle in the first place, let the user understand how to get the winning bonus. In addition, rely on myself is not enough, the winning notice website existing users is also an important embodiment, if over 5 million awards website, publicity announcements on the site to do out of first place, this is undoubtedly a strong attraction to the user, to visit two implications: one is the site block blessed is the site of winning, two integrity and 5 million awards still press about issuing lottery. In fact, this also involves a technical problem of the network of lottery sales, Internet sale of color is a kind of paperless lottery is through real name, real name authentication in each lottery lottery lottery betting 178 online shopping, and the data are the formal name and user ID number is bound into the welfare lottery center database so, the actual holders every note lottery can find this note lottery, which avoids the loss of the traditional lottery to award, lottery center regulations, in a single note bonus reaches a certain amount, the person must hold a valid identity document the welfare lottery center to receive, so in the 178 lottery lottery network the user does not exist in the award to get bonuses, but this information to convey to the user, in order to allow users to believe (which I don’t want to mention Chinese The integrity of the Internet problem, so sad) I want to record the winning website, the most convincing! Even if the site is not in a level 5 million award, so small prize tens of thousands of reports also best not to let go. read more

Analysis of the influence of domain name system on the development of DC industry

called domain name real name system is to require users to register domain names, to fill in true, accurate, complete registration information. The administrative organ shall carry out substantive examination of the business license of the domain name application entity, the specific address of the legal representative, the actual size of the business and the authenticity of the business entity, and shall file the matter with the relevant administrative organ for the record. Since CNNIC in December 2009 launched a comprehensive CN domain name management, millions of users have the domain name call from CNNIC to verify the domain name registration, fully embodies the CNNIC domain name system for serious and responsible spirit. read more

Good mentality is the key to the success of webmaster

as a webmaster should first have a good attitude, why do we stand, only to go clear to deeper development, some people in order to make money to build a career, some people like, some people is to pass the time, if you are two, you can say that the mentality is very good, if it is the first to congratulate you, because you took a very challenging way. And this article exactly want to talk about the station as the cause of the webmaster, should have what kind of mentality.

as we all know, how many of these large and small websites are not AD?. However, now website advertising, want to easily make money? Now Wangzhuan career has shrunk. The competition is more and more intense, the stationmaster’s condition has not been optimistic. We firmly believe that "left is king", we should maintain a calm state of mind in this adversity, in order to better development, and now I try to talk about my mind, the webmaster should have what mentality: read more

Discussion where is the successful way for student webmaster website

I have to admit that being a student station master is difficult. And can stick to the site, promotion of this pass is not many people. The ancients said: " line hundred Li, fifty Li half, hundred miles who are few, also ". Let me talk about some of the experiences I’ve made from websites.

1. first say website

It’s not difficult for a smart person to do

, but be sure to pay attention to the artist of the website (if you download the program, you must choose the style or modify it yourself). If a web site’s art is not good, it is unable to retain Internet users. But the picture can not be too much, the site clean and concise, the entire site should be harmonious colors, not too dazzling. read more

Don’t write soft article recently

or I should say, don’t write soft text on chianz, Admin5, and im286 sites. Soft Wen is really no use ah, these days wrote a few soft, depending on the site within the chain [PR] [steadily write a good article to create millions of thought on the promotion of website traffic] help, who knows is not such a thing, I really is to write the soft down, it also is what don’t write well. Let me tell you something about my experience.

here to advise you, if it is soft, nothing to write, do not write, because when you have something to write about, you can go online to copy and paste, so that one was not interesting, write a few people to see, to see people will also very disgusted the promotion of such unfavorable on the website of the future, or wait until you have something to write, write the real feelings, others do not believe you, the wolf story everyone must have heard of it? So, for you to copy and paste the others, only to a web site, as the original was published, this is not what the future is not what all don’t write. read more

nterview Hu Yong Jiang Qiping doing nternet business needs luck

Hu Yong introduction:

Hu Yong is the first person to penetrate into the importance of digital society and introduce it into Chinese life. His translation of "shuozihuashengcun" was named the 20 years of reform and opening up of the 20 most influential books of the nationwide, sparked a revolution of ideas of life; he wrote "King" network is Guoneishoubu fully introduce the birth of the Internet, development, current situation and future trends of the monograph, and launched by the young Czech press in Taiwan, known as "the understanding of network development the most informative book". "Digital survival" and "network king" have become the popular language of contemporary China. Hu Yong has become one of the most influential initiates in promoting the early development of China’s internet. read more

How can make my station make money

this year I have been asked, "marginal people, now what station more promising? What do the station can earn more money?" I replied: "I don’t know what the website can make a bigger", they will ask: "you are not". The station is long? You should know it, said some of their own experience! "This time I really do not know how to answer, I really don’t know what good experience can be taught, talk about a few individual preliminary opinions here.

1: do fine, there is market. Personal Adsense Energy Limited, results sites do too much are you busy busy here and there, in the end what was not good, I like the page now, I feel more and more do too big, busy busy here there very hard ah. But I want to cut which piece, and I can not bear, because they are a plus one of the data, they are very good things that they think. It’s a pity to cut it off. Later, I developed a new station: non mainstream station really do not long, and now there are about 1000IP, and PV is also relatively high, I personally feel that there is more development. read more

Electricity supplier marketing product planning booking rush

this paper introduces three typical methods by comparing the normal booking panic buying, buying process, comparing the third party platform with its own platform, and how to use the data to verify the effect of optimization of products, and some products are given in details of personal solutions, we hope to help.

1. overview

1.1 what’s an appointment rush?

is now out of stock, so that the user first appointment, over a period of time to participate in panic buying, grabbed, and then shipped to the user. (too straightforward, huh, huh) read more

He Qinggui the butterfly effect in network promotion

keyword: Butterfly Effect

: a butterfly in a tropical rain forest of the Amazon basin of South America, occasionally flapping its wings, may cause a tornado in Texas in two weeks. The reason is that: the butterfly wing movement caused by air system changes, and cause the generation of weak flow, which produces a weak flow of air around it will cause or other system to produce changes caused by chain reaction, eventually lead to significant changes in other systems.

this effect shows that the results of the development of things have a very sensitive dependence on the initial conditions, and the minimum deviation of the initial conditions will lead to great differences in results. read more

Analysis of five methods for successful operation of local talent network

with the pace of life accelerated, scientific and technological progress, many units recruitment, personal job seekers like to complete their choice through the network needs. As a result, a variety of talent websites such as fertilization of the crops, and enjoy growth, but also a region, a few talent competition situation. Although the threshold for building a talent network is relatively low, but it is necessary to pay attention to the method of successful operation.

method 1: online sports, read more

Encounter the darkness before dawn to bite the webmaster friends should hold on

09 years of the Internet seems to have so many 08 years into the ranks of owners of numerous new roaring waves, the novice webmaster also slowly become mature in every webmaster webmaster, ready for when it comes to 2010, 09 at the end of the block is the event broke many of the heart, recently in the webmaster China the QQ group discussion most of the problem is the individual owners of the future, many webmaster friends even silently out of the circle, exit a lot of frustration, should be more reluctant. read more