No 11 party two old players also hold the ron Throne PSEN 3C

Even if

did not grab Tmall double 11 party one seat, PISEN is also trying to hit a punch. In the eyes of 3C category champion PISEN, "the iron throne" change is not possible, of course, the first to hold the mobile power advantage, but more important is the attack, with new tricks to hit people a be taken by surprise.

"party to the real user influence may not be so big, more is to double 11 to add to the fun, cause the user attention." PISEN chairman Zhao Guocheng on all things look down businesses this way. read more

From the bustling 301 inventory of Chinese electricity supplier Festival movement

Abstract: in order to capture the market share as much as possible, to seize the consumer, top-ranking business platform, basically have their own anniversary and festivals.

Wu Yifan gathered in the United States 301, Lin Chiling in the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States in the United States in 301, the United States and the United States in the United States and the United States, the United States and china…… Recently, in Beijing subway, bus station billboards, such a set of commercials in the most intuitive way to enter the visual field of vision. At the same time, other channels including Hunan TV, domestic mainstream TV ads, once again. read more

Taobao training Amoy blue teach you how to diagnose the store

Amoy Blue Ocean: the seller on how to store their own comprehensive diagnostic analysis

a lot of people say that Taobao does not make money, it’s not, 95% money sellers are buried for skills in making money, but only 5% of the sellers do not make money in Taobao Tucao on 95% of the sellers are not making money. A Taobao shop can make money, not shout out, but to have the action done, your baby is not hot, not so much traffic? Should find problems, do optimization, Amoy ocean today will share with you the seller should how to own a shop to do analysis, let the store back to life". read more

Domain deletion list May 10 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 0516–83777726 phone; more today to delete the CN domain name list…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

Love Taobao talk about my understanding of the future development of e commerce

recently Taobao and Baidu, as well as Tencent pat eBay and other e-commerce sites news is very hot. The controversy stems from B2C and C2C. A lot of people to directly view that C2C not much prospect, suggest that Baidu has ah new show storm B2C, is likely to overtake, Zhandexianji! You know the two forms of quality dispute, first look at several forms of electronic commerce of today’s


B2B (Business to Business) refers to the business relationship established between merchants and businesses. Business partners to establish business relationships is the hope that through what we provide to form a complementary development opportunities, everyone’s business can be profitable. Transactions between businesses. For example, the top selling electronics company LED electronic display, other companies can see a lot of companies to provide product information, he can choose one of the selected examples: Alibaba, HC. read more

E commerce inject new vitality into economic growth

e-commerce as a new form of business, with its low cost, high efficiency, is increasingly becoming an important driving force for China’s economic development mode, optimize the industrial structure.

The impact of

e-commerce on urban economic development has gradually emerged. E-commerce has become a large number of emerging industries and employment is very high, the electronic commerce has been widely applied to the production, circulation, consumption and services in various fields, constantly and the integration of various industries, and become a new economic growth point. From a macroeconomic perspective, as the electronic commerce circulation way in the market scope of the role, so the demand facing the broader market choices, resulting in the number of total demand a certain price level on the growth of. The electronic commerce can be regarded as a kind of technological innovation, can effectively reduce transaction costs, improve transaction efficiency, through savings from the micro economic activities to the macro economic operation cost, improve the supply level of the whole society, thus promoting the economic growth. read more

New era Skype products since September 19th the registered price of 0 4 yuan

dear members of the alliance, hello!

TOM-Skype promotional activities due to policy adjustments, from September 19th (Wednesday), CPA price from the original 0.2 yuan, to $0.4 / effective registration, effective registration rules unchanged.

more information as in the League:
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the QQ:285445
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback QQ:285445 read more

Honey bud baby changed its name to the future goal of family consumption

[Abstract] honey bud started with maternal and child supplies, this baby to go, the name changed, indicating that it was upgraded to maternal and child family consumption by maternal consumption.

Tencent science and technology news (Sun Hongchao) July 8th news, the domestic cross-border electricity supplier honey bud baby announced the official name changed to honey bud, its domain name has been replaced by At the same time, honey bud announced well-known presenters Wang Han became platform spokesperson. read more

Reflections on double 11 Madness


dual eleven activities just down the curtain, Alipay total transaction amount fixed in the final 35 billion yuan, which is equivalent to the average daily China total retail sales of social 5. With this figure allows Tmall to sit on the world’s retail e-commerce platform daily trading seats. Last night, CCTV launched the 11 double featured at the point of 10, there are a lot of people behind the madness aftertaste and thinking. With such impressive achievements, the industry is excited, I am honored to be a Dongguan network marketing professionals, can be more confident to tell our traditional enterprise bosses, look at the daily trading volume of 35 billion yuan, can not cause you to e-commerce? But I think it is really very calm, and I the relationship between this? 35 billion yuan a few dollars into my account. Even if our traditional corporate CEOs who have to wake up and think that e-commerce must pay attention to, so, how to do e-commerce, how to invest, how to do network marketing, is also a lot of problems to solve. read more

Depth analysis of the status and trends of social E commerce

"not to sell any baby" this is a difficult problem that had plagued the Ma moment, the results of Taobao customer mode came into being, and let a problem plagued Taobao customers, how can "no no baby", the shopping guide website homeopathy and health, like beauty that this type of preferential agency, the website is the most typical example.

said the three share of the community website, 90 young people may be more familiar with the female friends of the beautiful and’s feelings will be more profound, the wage level of consumer groups, for them more preferential service kind, beautiful to say, actually tube preferential agency and this type of website is called electricity supplier is not very accurate, because they do not sell goods to the user, but to earn income to profit by trading. They don’t have to worry about self logistics, supply chain, but it can be taken lightly and vigorous pace in the heavy business mode. They are not B2C, nor C2C, called them "community of e-commerce" more accurate. read more

How can Taobao customers monthly income of million

I just made Taobao guest soon, although the experience is not much, but also willing to share with you. First of all: choose a suitable Taobao program. There are many online programs like this, there are a lot of such procedures in Ali’s mother’s community, but most of them can not keep up with the trend. The eyes of the beholder, here I do not want to say. Note here is that: after the selection process, be sure to change the program in the PID of others into their own PID Oh, otherwise your income into the pockets of others. Some friends here to say, there are some programs App Key and App Secret, but it does not affect your income, is a collection of data that Taobao passenger authority, recently purchased Taobao like parameter added app key, Taobao app key to the customer may calculate the flow of read more

The integration of the community and the shop is the new trend of the development of e commerce

The growing size of the

online shopping so that all heroes have to join e-commerce, more webmasters choose independent shop operators. Talk about the technical aspects of the online shop, shop building and promotion of the shop is self-evident that the two absolute core. ECSHOP and other free shop code appears, to a certain extent, reduce the threshold of the shop building, and the absolute majority of the owners have the ability to develop the two code, the site can be a good place to do internal optimization. The success of the shop operators, it seems that the key lies in the promotion of the shop. read more

Amazon sued false comment website want to force the service to stop

Amazon sued false comment website: I hope to force the service to stop

[TechWeb] reported on April 10th, according to foreign media reports, Amazon has to provide 4 sites to brush the review service litigation. 4 sites were,, and

Amazon Wednesday in Washington King County Superior Court filed a lawsuit accusing the website operator Jay Gentile of California alleged false advertising, trademark infringement, and the violation of "the Anticybersquatting consumer protection law" and "consumer protection law" and the state of washington. read more

Suning com now set free shipping threshold free shipping business end times


technology news April 1st afternoon news today, the last major electricity supplier announced to set free shipping threshold, for spending more than 48 yuan of orders, orders from mentioning, for the mobile client orders, Suning will give the audience free shipping policy, China’s electricity supplier era officially announced the end of free shipping.

previously, Amazon, Jingdong and other domestic mainstream electricity supplier in the "3.15 International Consumer Rights Day" generally raised the free shipping threshold, the Jingdong of the free shipping threshold is 59 yuan, the Amazon free shipping threshold is 49 yuan. read more

Taobao parity led to the physical store to change the product number

Taobao shop because there is no cost of rent, so the price is often much cheaper than the store. With the introduction of Taobao SMS parity service, this advantage is more obvious. Many consumers are going to the store optimistic about the goods, send text messages for price inquiries, and then go to Taobao to buy the same product. These Taobao shopping experience spread on the Internet, received a large number of Amoy friends welcome. However, although this service affordable Amoy friends, but let the store merchants complain incessantly. The parity of the emergence of the entity store has made the turnover rate has a significant impact. read more

SF express planning to enter the electricity supplier’s SF preferred or on line in June

morning news (reporter Wang Liya) friends broke the news yesterday, SF’s website, SF preferred in June 1st will be officially launched, focus on high-end food, for high-end customers service. Good luck for this rumor yesterday did not deny that, for the first time, confirmed to reporters that the SF preferred belongs to the brand, and the company is planning to enter the electricity supplier, but the specific on-line time and related details is not convenient to disclose.

friends broke the news facts. Reporters check online SF preferred, display the "SF EXPRESS group", "engaged in the import of food fruit wine and other goods delivery, warehouse in Beijing, Shunyi Airport Logistics Park; recruitment website also preferred SF hair recruitment notice. In fact, SF into the electricity supplier of the long-standing rumors, has previously reported that SF’s high-end business platform "respect" website has entered the closed beta stage. read more

Heavy forecast Tmall eleven GMV or will exceed 120 billion

news October 18th, the day before, according to preliminary estimates of the State Postal Bureau, this year "double 11" period (November 11th -16) the whole industry processing mail service will more than 1 billion 50 million, compared with the same period last year will grow by 35% this year, according to the calculation of the double 11 day mail volume may reach 630 million. If compared to last year, the unit price, this year’s Tmall double 11 GMV may exceed 120 billion yuan.

billion state power network learned last year Tmall double 11 day turnover reached 91 billion 217 million yuan, the logistics orders of more than 467 million, the average customer price of 195.33 yuan per piece. In last year’s customer price point of view, if this year more than 630 million logistics orders, then this year, Tmall’s double total turnover of up to $123 billion 146 million. read more

There are Taobao after the micro shop Jingdong how to play pat

I think Jingdong since listing, the most beautiful thing to do is to restart the pat Network, to complete the delivery of the Tencent "political task", but also enhance the good price, but also incidentally disgusting to Taobao, kill three birds.

, however, did not play in the play, the Jingdong indulge in WeChat open when the entrance of a Tencent today, quietly on the line of the WeChat store, the opening of this nonsense, let’s prepare the WeChat dataichangxi Jingdong, suddenly cold end. read more

Domain deletion list April 30 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 0516–83777726

phone / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

The pharmaceutical business management approach ready companies for the net sales of prescription dr

online sales of drugs, especially the sale of prescription drugs has been the fact that the relevant state departments need to strengthen supervision in this field

NPC and CPPCC this year’s government work report for the first time put forward the "Internet plus" concept. Pharmaceutical industry and the Internet to wipe out sparks, the most concerned about the pharmaceutical industry than the electricity supplier. Since 2014, the State Food and Drug Administration announced the "Internet operating food and drug supervision and management approach (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), the pharmaceutical business, the Internet sales of prescription drugs ban issue has been the focus of the market. read more