500 Mile Trail Run

first_imgAnne Lundblad, Troy Shellhamer, and Eric Grossman stop at McAfee Knob on their way from Damascus, Va., to Harpers Ferry, W.Va.   Surviving the Roller Coaster, Trail runners trek 500 miles across Virginia.I paused at the base of the roller coaster. Troy was reading, with relish, the warning sign posted there. It concludes with “we’ll see you at the end, if you survive.” The sign didn’t refer to an amusement park ride, but to a section of hiking trail with several large and unrelenting climbs and descents. I bounded jauntily past.We had survived to reach the fourteenth and final stage of the Tour of Virginia—a 550-mile run across the commonwealth on the Appalachian Trail. We had started near Damascus and headed northward through Virginia, and now we were making our final push to Harper’s Ferry, W.Va. When I awoke that morning I wasn’t sure that my ankle would take any weight, but with the benefit of a roll of tape and several hundred milligrams of ibuprofen, I knew now that no roller coaster could stop me from reaching our final goal. I ran that and the next three big climbs. Despite averaging forty miles per day on difficult terrain made more treacherous by the heat and storms of summer, I was racing the last 50 kilometers like a stand-alone event.Many variables intervene during any one 40-mile day of trekking in the mountains. I proposed to stack 14 such days in a row. Although I have thru-hiked the A.T. and completed about 60 ultramarathons, I put my own chances of getting a tour-ending injury at 20 percent. It would not have been too surprising if no one was able to completethe tour.We were all challenged early and often. Oppressive heat and humidity struck just as the tour began. Even in the middle of the night, lying still and bare-skinned outside, I’d wake up uncomfortably hot. Within each stage we were all expected to be self-sufficient. That meant that, along with safety gear, we had to carry a minimum of 1500 calories and a means of collecting, treating, and transporting three liters of water. In the heat of the day, each of us went through about a liter an hour, so that meant several stops at springs or streams, many of those at some distance from the trail. Anne Lundblad, Troy Shellhamer, and I scooped water into our hydration bladders, threw in a dash of Miox-blasted purification, and headed down the trail while any critters in the water were killed before drinking again.The storms generated by all that heat took out many trees that seemed disproportionately spread across the A.T. We did a lot of scrambling through recent blowdowns. Several times we had difficulty picking the trail back up on the far side of the downed trees. Managing the terrain proved more difficult than I expected. With the fatigue, long days in the heat, rocks, roots, and limbs, I must have lost some equilibrium. I fell five times—hard, bruise-inducing falls. At 6’2” I know better, and so I exercise caution and generally fall no more than once a year.Troy is not as tall, and not as old as me, and although he only fell one time, it was harder and more destructive than all my falls combined. Early in stage eight, he tore a long gash across one hand and severely bruised the other. In one of many strokes of good fortune, a scant 200 meters after falling, Troy crossed a road at which six nurses were taking a break from their own hike. They treated him and sent him on his way in short order. The gash would certainly have warranted stitches, but Troy was determined to continue the tour uninterrupted. He would superglue the wound himself that night. Needless to say, he had to get along without his trekking poles for the remainder of the tour and somehow manage not to fall again.Anne suffered the most. She developed severe blisters during stage one and then added other blisters throughout. She fell thirteen times on swollen and battered knees. She started her days earlier and ended them later than Troy and me – and still got herself packed for the next day before we did. She was exceptionally methodical in preparing for and managing each stage. I finished many stages grumbling and ill-tempered, while Anne remained consistently pleasant and optimistic. I know she had low points during the day, but when I saw her in the evenings, she was always smiling.The tour was ultimately a test of survival. The A.T. is about as wild as we can readily get: each of us spent most of our days completely immersed in the lushness of blossoming azaleas and the musk of large mammals.We gathered at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy headquarters in Harper’s Ferry as we finished that final stage. Our communal sense of accomplishment was quiet and deep. We lingered in town for the rest of the evening and overnight before sharing a small ceremony the next morning, silently relishing the raw beauty that had sustained us. •last_img read more

Training Together

first_imgBy Dialogo July 01, 2010 Afghan Army Soldiers conduct a joint patrol with Canadian Soldiers in the Panjwayi district, southwest of Kandahar, in June 2010. Canadian troops are taking part in the efforts of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force to increase the capabilities of the Afghan Army. Building a credible Afghan Army is one of NATO’s main tasks in Afghanistan and a pillar of its exit strategy. This is particularly important because of the lack of midlevel officers with experience, reported Voice of America, or VOA. The NATO training mission has been criticized for shortening basic Soldier training courses. However, mission leader Lt. Gen. William Caldwell dismissed the concerns, saying training continues. “If we’re not there with them, we’re not continuing their development, which is really important,” Caldwell told VOA. Caldwell and his Afghan counterparts reported progress toward the goal of training 171,000 Afghan Soldiers by October 2010.last_img read more

Deadline has expired: In most cities and municipalities the lump sum remains at the same level as before

first_imgThus, all cities and municipalities made decisions on the amount of the lump sum, at least as far as the editorial office is aware, and there was no case that someone did not react on time (until January 31, 2019), which according to the new law would lead to a lump sum automatically amounts to HRK 750,00 per bed. Tourism is much more than the number of overnight stays, so it is not one industry, but directly and indirectly and vertically and horizontally connects various industries. And that is why, as in everything, and especially in tourism, we have to deal with strategic and sustainable development. The market, in every form and meaning, is the best regulator and will clearly show and separate the successful from the less successful. As through the income of the city, more or less the number of tourists, increasing the tour. consumption, more or less emigration, companies in the city, etc.… It’s all up to us, and capital as well as the life paths of each individual go where they can develop stably, safely and well and where they see their future. Also, I support all those who did not change the amount of the flat tax, as well as those who held meetings and workshops with landlords, to make a decision on the same together. First of all, it is unacceptable to change the terms of business in the calendar and financial year in which that business takes place. Dialogue and communication, market development, and without politicization, a decision for the future period is needed. That is why the decision of the city of Split is correct, in my opinion, regardless of the fact that the whole thing was politicized. Regardless of whether a lump sum will be raised in Split next year, time is currently bought for constructive discussion, dialogue and market analysis, not political. I personally support the change that according to the New Law on Amendments to the Law on Income Tax, the Decision on the amount of flat tax for landlords is no longer made by the Ministry of Tourism but by the representative body of local self-government units. and the direction in which it seeks to develop. Also, the flat tax is the revenue of the local government unit and that is very important. The only thing left in dispute is that the flat tax is seen as an income tax and not as a utility tax. Thus, the collection of the same will be viewed according to the place of residence of the landlord, and not according to the place where the real estate is, which is contradictory and does not make sense. I repeat, the flat tax is the income of the local self-government unit. The city of Split also planned to increase the lump sum to 750 kuna and more zones, but in the end it was decided that the lump sum will not change this year, so the lump sum remains at the same level as before, and the discussion for the lump sum in the future extended to September this year. The deadline for determining the amount of the flat tax per bed expired yesterday. In the vast majority of cases, cities and municipalities have not changed the current amount of the lump sum per bed, while some have made decisions on a slight increase to 345 kuna. Of the larger tourist destinations, only the city of Dubrovnik has significantly increased the flat tax, which is distributed in three zones. Thus, in the first zone, the lump sum will be HRK 750, in the second HRK 525 and HRK 375 in the third zone. In the end, the tourist destination is responsible for its development, not the Ministry of Tourism and CNTB, which are certainly important because they provide certain frameworks, but ultimately each city develops according to its vision of development and is responsible for its future. All that’s left is an upgrade. Every year, and especially the last few years, we have witnessed our destinations cracking at the seams, due to the excessive load on the entire infrastructure. The main reason for this is precisely that we are not dealing with strategic and sustainable development, but with inertia and politicking. Also, both in everything and in this case, the trust of citizens / renters in the city and municipal authorities is extremely important. If the field does not show that money is being spent wisely and systematically on the arrangement of the city, improvement of infrastructure, new facilities, etc.… then every kuna is too much. Certainly no one would be against an increase in any compensation to see development from year to year and that there is dialogue and transparency. Everyone has an interest and benefit for the city or municipality to develop from year to year, including renters. At least where a city development plan is defined that is adopted through citizen dialogue and where it is known where the problems are and how to solve them. It has nothing to do with politics, but with market development. No one is against development, of course if it is really seen on the ground. Dake, without dialogue and strategic development there is no success. Although the decision on the amount of the flat tax was seen more by the public and the media as a political decision, because which mayor would like to resent his voters, it is certainly a bad message and way of thinking. last_img read more

Pennsylvania Recognized for Business Ranking Improvement after Advances in Business Development and Education

first_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitter July 12, 2017 Pennsylvania Recognized for Business Ranking Improvement after Advances in Business Development and Educationcenter_img Economy,  Government That Works,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf announced today that Pennsylvania has earned national recognition on the state’s economic climate, jumping 10 spots overall from the year prior, most notably earning recognition for the commonwealth’s advancements in education.“Working with the legislature, over the last few years I have prioritized and secured historic increases at all levels of education and Pennsylvania’s rankings underscore the importance of the significant advancements we’ve made in education,” said Governor Wolf. “Businesses are looking for an educated workforce to draw from and a location that offers its employees a great place to educate their children, and we are doing just that in the commonwealth.”Pennsylvania rose 10 spots overall in CNBC’s America’s Top State for Business 2017, with the significant advancements in categories of Education, Technology and Innovation, and Business Friendliness.The commonwealth earned the following rankings for 2017:No. 23 overall, increasing 10 spots from 2016No. 10 in Education, increasing 11 spots from 2016No. 10 in Technology and Innovation, increasing two spots from 2016No. 5 in Access to Capital, increasing seven spots from 2016Additionally, the commonwealth advanced seven spots in Business Friendliness and increased eight spots in the Economy category.“I’m extremely proud that Pennsylvania continues to climb in the field of technology and innovation,” said Governor Wolf. “The commonwealth is a place where entrepreneurs and researchers can feel supported to nurture new ideas and take risks.”Click here to view the full report: America’s Top States for Business 2017.last_img read more

South Sudan police trained to deal with cattle rustling

first_imgMass cattle raiding is a major threat to peace and security in South Sudan .In a bid to find a sustainable solution to this, South Sudan National Police Service officers recently completed a training course in Malou, Bor County in order to more efficiently blot out the vice.The just graduated trainees in the newly created police unit, the Livestock Patrol Unit are now awaiting to be deployed.They recently completed an eight-week training course in Malou, Bor County.During the training the trainees were taught various skills for better dealing with cattle rustling.last_img read more

Sat Telecommunications Ltd goes beyong providing just Cable TV and Internet: Operation Youth Quake to receive the CCTA Award for a second time

first_img Sharing is caring! LocalNews Sat Telecommunications Ltd goes beyong providing just Cable TV and Internet: Operation Youth Quake to receive the CCTA Award for a second time by: – July 11, 2011 Photo credit: ubs-europe.comRoseau, Dominica –July 11th, 2011, Through the generosity of the Caribbean Cable and Telecommunications Association (CCTA), Operations Youth Quake is the recipient of a grant of the association’s 2011 Community Charities Program, for a second time.Operation Youth Quake was nominated for the grant by SAT Telecommunications Limited a member of the CCTA and a cable and telecommunications provider for Dominicans.The Operation Youth Quake was chosen as a grant recipient because of the outstanding service and assistance it provides to the community.The cheque will be presented by Miss Earlene Labassiere, representing for SAT Telecommunications Limited on July 12th, 2011, at 8:30am, on the premises of Operation Youth Quake, located at Savanne Park.The CCTA Community Charities Program, established in 1993, has awarded nearly $190, 000.00 to Caribbean Charities during its existence. THe program originally awarded ten grants per year. However, over the years interest in the program has grown substantially. All 19 of the 2011 nominees were worthy organizations, so the association’s board of directors voted unanimously to award grants to all.The 19 grant recipients were nominated by the following cable and telecommunications operators: Bermuda Cablevision: BVI Cable TV; Cable Bahamas; Cable Television of Aruba; Caribbean Cable Communication Holding Ltd of Anguilla; Choice Cable TV of Puerto Rico; Colombus Communications Grenada; Innovative Cable TV St. Croix; Innovative Cable TV St. Thomas-St. John; Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico; St. Lucia Cabletelevision; St. Maarteen Cable TV; SAT Telecommunications of Dominica; Telecable of the Dominican Republic; TV Distribution Systems of Curacoa; The Cable of St. Kitts; WestStar TV Limited of Cayman Islands and Cable and Telecommunication Network of St. Maarteen.Formed in 1983, the Caribbean Cable and Telecommunications Association represents cable and telecommunications providers throughout the Caribbean, and the programmers, software and hardware suppliers that support their operations.Press ReleaseSAT Telecommunications Limited Share Tweetcenter_img Share Share 30 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

A call issued for citizens to get back to ‘order’

first_imgDr. Leon ColymoreA strong call is being issued for citizens in Dominica to get back to the ‘order’ that God established in the earth, in order to see prosperity.The call came from Dr. Leon Colymore, a minister and founder and CEO of the World Outreach Ministries (WOMB), a nonprofit organization that assist churches, pastors, and Parachurch organizations by maximizing resources and networking the mind, body, and spirit. Dr Colymore will be the featured speaker at a three-day seminar on the topic ‘Divine Order’, which will be held at the New Wing of the Dominica Grammar School from November 14th to 16th from 7:00pm.Dr Colymore believes that because man has deviated from God’s Divine Order, this has caused a lot of unrest in the world today; a problem that many top experts cannot solve or get answers to.“Divine Order is a topic that we are dealing with because men have strayed away from the order that God had established in the earth. You see today in the world there is economic instability, unemployment, social unrest, there are so many problems that the world is faced with right now, people do not know what to do. Just look at the bigger nations in Europe, they don’t have the answers, but God has the answer. And God wants to bring us back to the place where we go back to his original plan that he established when he made the earth. We see that when God established order, he established authority, government, law, rule and order. We need to get back to that.”Recent data shows that authority or the rule of law is now becoming a big issue for many governments around the world. Record shows increased changes in government’s leadership, the rule of law and their respective constitutions while grappling with the many societal problems affecting nations.Dr Colymore said that the seminar will speak directly to leaders and those placed in authority. “We are also looking at the whole concept of Government. We need to realize that Government is very important. Do you know that Government really is a ministry of God? God made them His ministers in the earth to put laws in place, to put us under control and to establish law and order. And during the seminar we will look at the concept of law, and why Government is there in the earth to keep us in control so that we can leave healthy pleasing lives. In fact the Bible says that when the righteous rule, we will have peace in the earth.” Dr Colymore said that while the head of the family and the family itself is responsible for the decrease in order at the home, citizens have a personal responsibility to take control of their lives and be good citizens.“The family is critical to the earth, we have marriage; male and female, and then out of marriage you have a family and in the family you have children. The family is the psychological, the emotional, educational and the social incubator for development. After you have the family, you have the community followed by the nation or the society. Everyone comes from a family and if we could get ourselves back in order, that’s what God would want. But also too, we’re looking at the personal order in our lives. Every human being must get themselves in order. The Coordinator for the Seminar, Mr. Hansel Valerie is encouraging Dominicans to turn out in large numbers at the event which promises to leave a lasting impact on the lives of the participants.“There is a focus on the spiritual aspect of order, however the order that we speak of comprises order in society, not only order in the church but order in the home, the family, the workplace, in government, in the secular sector. It is open to everyone and anyone who has a desire to develop or inform himself, or has a desire for personal growth and personal development. We would encourage as many people as possible to attend.”Persons wishing to register may contact Mrs Kathleen Cornelius at the Dominica Grammar School or Mr. Hansel Valerie at 4482217. A contribution fee of $20.00 is required.Dominica Vibes News Share 17 Views   no discussions Share LocalNews A call issued for citizens to get back to ‘order’ by: – November 9, 2011center_img Share Sharing is caring! Tweetlast_img read more

Man jailed for flashing ‘private parts’ to Boracay tourist

first_imgThe 22-year-old suspect Micheal Jhun Carbajosa of Barangay Botongon, Estancia, Iloilo was arrested after he allegedly exposed his “private part” in front of an Israeli national at the Bulabog Beach in Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan on Monday. NOEL CABOBOS/RADYOTODO/88.5FM/PN MALAY, Aklan – Aman landed in jail for allegedly flashing his “private parts” to an Israelinational in Boracay Island here.          Gettinguncomfortable with Carbajosa’s presence, the Israeli national asked the suspectto leave but the latter instead stood in front of her, allegedly took off hispants and started the indecent exposure. The Israeli then shouted for help,forcing Carbajosa to panic. She said thesuspect insisted to join her but she refused, saying she wanted to be alone. The suspect triedto run away but bystanders in the area pursued him – causing his arrest. “It’s not thefirst time that indecent exposure of this kind happened, but perhaps the firstof its kind in a sense that it happened in a broad daylight and within a placeteeming with people. This apparently shows the alarming temerity of someindividuals here in exposing sexual arousal,” a religious leader said. “Thereis really a need for the church to focus more on value formation with specialreference on fighting one’s sexual thoughts.” center_img According topolice investigation, the female complainant – whose name was withheld – wasdoing her morning yoga exercise at the Bulabug Beach when Carbajosa approachedher and asked some of her personal details. “The threat toour visiting tourists, especially women, is really, clearly present and we haveto do something about it,” he added.    The 22-year-oldMicheal Jhun Carbajosa of Barangay Botongon, Estancia, Iloilo was charged withgrave scandal for indecent exposure. Carbajosa was nowdetained in the custodial facility of the Bureau of Jail and ManagementPenology.(With a report NoelCabobos/RadyoTodo/88.5FM/PN)last_img read more

Ulster win puts pressure on Tigers

first_img “Often in the Heineken Cup if you miss out on your opportunities it can come back to bite you late on. It was good to get that just before half-time and the second half just built on that. “Our defence has been outstanding when you think how many points we have scored over the last few weeks and we have only conceded one penalty. The players deserve a huge amount of credit for that. “We have worked on our defence in the last few seasons because if you want to compete against the best teams at the end of tournaments like this, your defence has to be your starting point.” “We knew we had to get five points to build some pressure on Leicester,” said Humphreys. “When we mapped out the season we said we wanted to be top of the table in the Heineken Cup at the end of round four and we are sitting well at the moment. “The pressure is now on them and we can sit down and relax when we watch their game on Sunday. “We would have probably taken four points before the game, so to come away with five means that is two jobs very well done over the last two weekends. “We have played against Benetton Treviso enough over the last few seasons to know what a threat they can be. We talked about replicating what we did last week, getting off to a good start and putting them under pressure. “We probably made too many mistakes in the first half but we were more clinical in the second half. Then we took the chances when they came along and I am delighted to get the five points.” However, Humphreys admitted the win was not quite as comfortable as the scoreline suggests. He said: “It was a pretty surreal experience with the fog and not many of us had seen conditions like it before. The Luke Marshall try just before half-time was crucial because we had had a few chances before that and missed out on them. Press Association The result saw Ulster win their opening four matches for the first time in their Heineken Cup history to move the 2012 runners-up seven points clear of the Tigers at the top of Pool Five. Ulster ran in four tries in Italy, with s econd-half scores from Craig Gilroy, Robbie Diack and Jared Payne accompanying a late first-half effort from Luke Marshall. Ulster director of rugby David Humphreys believes his side’s 35-3 bonus point victory over Benetton Treviso has heaped all the pressure on Leicester Tigers ahead of their fourth-round clash with Montpellier on Sunday.last_img read more

New York Gov. Cuomo: “Shocking” Data Reveals that Most New Coronavirus Hospitalizations Are People Staying Home

first_imgHe added that state health officials initially thought a high percentage of hospitalized people would be essential employees, explaining, “Much of this comes down to what you do to protect yourself. Everything is closed down, government has done everything it could, society has done everything it could. Now it’s up to you.”New York State’s hospitalization rate has continued to decline, according to the governor, although he said it is doing so at a “painfully slow” rate. About 600 infected people are still entering the hospitals there every day.“I was afraid that it was going to infect my family no matter what I did. We’re past that,” Cuomo said at a press conference on April 13, when the initial thinking was that isolation would slow the spread of the virus. “If you isolate, if you take the precautions, your family won’t get infected.”Cuomo cautioned that the daily statistics, including the number of deaths, will likely end up being much higher than what has been reported, and that the state has been documenting at-home deaths.“I think that the reality is going to be worse,” Cuomo warned. Most of New York State’s new COVID-19 hospitalizations are actually from people who were staying home and not going outside, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday.The preliminary data that led to his announcement comes from 100 New York hospitals and involves about 1,000 patients, he said during his daily briefing.Specifically, 66 percent of new admissions were from people who had been sheltering at home, with the second highest number being from nursing homes, with 18 percent.“If you notice, 18 percent of the people came from nursing homes, less than 1 percent came from jail or prison, 2 percent came from the homeless population, 2 percent from other congregate facilities, but 66 percent of the people were at home, which is shocking to us,” Cuomo said.“This is a surprise: Overwhelmingly, the people were at home,” he added. “We thought maybe they were taking public transportation, and we’ve taken special precautions on public transportation, but actually no, because these people were literally at home.”Courtesy: New York StateHe continued to say that almost 84 percent of the hospitalized cases were people who were not going to work through car services, personal cars, public transit or by walking, and a majority of them were either retired or unemployed.Overall, nearly 73 percent of the admissions in New York were of people over age 51.Gov. Cuomo says the data shows that those who are hospitalized are mostly from the downstate area in or around New York City, are not working or traveling and are not essential employees. In addition, a majority of the cases in the city are minorities, nearly half of them being African American or Hispanic.Courtesy: New York Statelast_img read more