Facebook to Launch App Center

first_imgAs for monetization, Brady writes, “Many developers have been successful with in-app purchases, but to support more types of apps on Facebook.com, we will give developers the option to offer paid apps. This is a simple-to-implement payment feature that lets people pay a flat fee to use an app on Facebook.com.”App detail pages must receive Facebook approval, and those who submit completed pages before May 18 will be given review priority.CNN.com reports Facebook operates under an Apple-like revenue split with brands selling through the social network, pocketing 30 percent of each sale. While it is unclear whether Facebook’s fees will be in addition to what the App Store typically charges for download, the announcement is generating buzz throughout the industry. “We’re still gathering information about the App Center, but Atlantic Media currently reaches millions of monthly users via Facebook platform through our brand page and audience sharing, and thus the potential to reach one billion users with Atlantic Media Apps is certainly attractive. The App Center should become an important distribution channel for Atlantic Media as we accelerate our investment in mobile and app development on all platforms, including HTML5,” Scott Havens, SVP of finance and digital operations with Atlantic Media, tells FOLIO:. “Having said that, Facebook is smartly launching the App Center to help Facebook compete against Apple, Google, Microsoft and other social media networks, not necessarily to help Atlantic Media drive incremental revenue, traffic or engagement. So of course, understanding the ROI and/or the tradeoffs—such as using FB login—is important for a media company our size to evaluate before we invest too much time.” The App Center will be available on the Web, as well as for iOS and Android systems. If an app requires installation, Facebook will redirect the user to either the App Store or Google Play to complete the process. Just in case publishers didn’t have enough platforms to push their apps through already, Facebook is jumping into the game with the debut of its App Center. In a post on its Facebook Developers page, software engineer Aaron Brady urges, “All developers should start preparing today to make sure their app is included for the launch.”Positioned as “the new, central place to find great apps,” the App Center mandates an app detail page for each submission. FB will decide which products to promote by monitoring app success through its Insights feature, a system already in place for brand pages (the tool monitors likes, number of users “talking about this,” weekly reach and a combined social circle tally dubbed “Friends of Fans”). Brady writes, “Well-designed apps that people enjoy will be prominently displayed.” Quality is quantified through characteristics such as “an easy-to-use interface, clear content, value to users and no significant bugs”; minimal advertising; positive user feedback; and included apps must “set clear expectations about what user activity it shares on Facebook, and when.”last_img read more

VIDEO Watch Antique Fire Engine Parade Held In Wilmington

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The Massachusetts Antique Fire Apparatus Association held its 42nd Anniversary Fire Apparatus Parade, Show, & Firematic Flea Market on Saturday, June 22, 2019 at the Shriners Auditorium (99 Fordham Road). This was the first time the event was held in Wilmington.The parade started Kitty’s Restaurant (123 Main Street) in North Reading and traveled through North Reading and Wilmington, ending at the Shriners Auditorium.Watch the parade, which lasts approximately six minutes, below, courtesy of YouTuber Firefighter_1775:——Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedCOMING TO THE SHRINERS: Antique Fire Engines Show On June 22In “Community”5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Saturday, June 22, 2019In “5 Things To Do Today”WILMINGTON AROUND THE WEB: The Best Stories From Wilmington’s NewspapersIn “Community”last_img read more

Distant dead planet could tell how world will end study says

first_imgThis artist’s illustration depicts the destruction of a young planet or planets, which scientists may have witnessed for the first time using data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.Credits: Illustration: NASA/CXC/M. Weiss; X-ray spectrum: NASA/CXC/MIT/H. M.GüntherStudying a dead distant planet could help humans to know more about the way in which Earth will finally die and perish, a new study report published in the journal Science says. Recently, researchers while monitoring a distant star in deep space stumbled upon an orbiting fragment of a dead, shattered planet, and experts believe that this could be actually a preview of Earth’s inevitable fate in the future.The study report claimed that the discovery of this planetary fragment orbiting around a white dwarf could shed light into the twilight years of planetary systems. Experts believe that the newly found planetary chunk could be actually a piece of the planet’s shattered core. Scientists also speculate that the planet might have perished brutally during the star’s death throes.Researchers also revealed it is quite remarkable that the dead planet’s fragments survived the extremely intense gravity of the white dwarf star.”The white dwarf’s gravity is so strong — about 100,000 times that of the Earth — that a typical asteroid will be ripped apart by gravitational forces if it passes too close,” said Christopher Manser, lead author of the study and a physicist at the University of Warwick in Coventry, England, said in a statement.The study report suggested that the planetary chunk might be orbiting around the star every two hours, and no larger than 250 miles in diameter to avoid being ripped apart by the white dwarf’s gravitational force.Scientists also revealed that both the dead star and the planetary chunk are located in our Milky Way, at a distance of 410 light years away from the Earth.Experts believe that Earth could also face a similar fate when the sun swells into a red giant. As the sun swells, it will consume Mercury, Venus, and Earth, and will later shrink turning into a white dwarf.last_img read more

Election watchdog says Kerala govts performance below average on top voters priorities

first_imgKerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan [Representational Image]Pinarayi Vijayan/FacebookAccess to safe drinking water, better employment opportunities and healthcare were Kerala voters’ top three priorities, the parameters on which the state government has performed “below average”, says a report by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), an election watchdog.”The Kerala Survey 2018 shows better employment opportunities (47.42 per cent), hospitals/primary healthcare centres (45.24 per cent) and drinking water (44.77 per cent) are the top three voters’ priorities in Kerala,” the ADR said in a statement on Tuesday.The performance of the government on all top three voters’ priorities was rated as below average. “Better employment opportunities (1.95 on a scale of five), hospitals/primary healthcare centres (2.02) and drinking water (1.99) were rated as below average,” it said.In rural Kerala, the top voter priorities were better employment opportunities (49 per cent), better hospitals/primary healthcare centres (45 per cent) and drinking water (40 per cent), it said.”The performance of the government on rural voters’ priorities of better employment opportunities (1.93 on a scale of five), better hospitals/primary healthcare centres (2.07) and drinking water (2.10) was rated as below average,” the ADR said.The government also performed poorly in providing better roads (1.96) and better public transport (2.09) in rural Kerala.For the urban voters, top priorities were drinking water (48 per cent), better employment opportunities (46 per cent) and better hospitals/primary healthcare centres (45 per cent).”The performance of the government — on a scale of five — on urban voters’ priorities of drinking water (1.93 ), better employment opportunities (1.96) and better hospitals/primary healthcare centres (1.99) was rated as below average,” it said.The performance of the government was also poor on better public transport (1.93) and water and air pollution (1.94) in urban Kerala.last_img read more

Home farm loan borrowers get 60 days extra to repay as RBI

first_imgThe Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has provided a much-needed relief to people who had taken home, agriculture and other loans and were facing cash crunch. In its latest update, the bank tweaked asset classification and income recognition norms for lenders, directly benefiting borrowers who had taken loans worth up to Rs 1 crore. The relaxation is applicable to dues payable between November 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.”It has been represented to us that consequent upon withdrawal of the legal tender status of the existing Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes (SBN) small borrowers may need some more time to repay their loan dues. Taking these representations into consideration, it has been decided to provide an additional 60 days beyond what is applicable for the concerned regulated entity (RE) for recognition of a loan account as substandard in the following cases:Running working capital accounts (OD/CC)/crop loans, with any bank, the sanctioned limit whereof is Rs1 crore or less;Term loans, whether business or personal, secured or otherwise, the original sanctioned amount whereof is Rs 1 crore or less, on the books of any bank or any NBFC, including NBFC (MFI). This shall include housing loans and agriculture loans,” the RBI said in its Monday update.”The additional time given shall only apply to defer the classification of an existing standard asset as substandard and not for delaying the migration of an account across sub-categories of NPA,” the central bank added.For dues payable before November 1 and after December 31, 2016, the existing rules will prevail, the apex bank said.Shares of home loan companies such as LIC Housing Finance, GIC Housing Finance, Gruh Finance and Dewan Housing Finance, Indiabulls Housing Finance were trading almost flat on Tuesday in response to the announcement.Meanwhile, the exceptions given for depositing defunct Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes at select establishments end in two days (November 24, 2016). The government may review the situation and probably extend the deadline by another couple of days to ease the cash crunch being faced by people.last_img read more

Baltimores Wendy Davis Shines in OWNs Love Is

first_imgBy Nadine Matthews, Special to the AFROIt’s common for sci-fi shows to play around with time shifting. Characters show up in the past or the future or even in alternate versions of the present day. It takes gumption to create a romantic comedy series where you do the same. Well, Mara Brock-Akil and Salim Akil, who created the popular sci-fi comic book series Black Lightning have gone there with their new series on OWN called Love Is___, with spectacular results. One of the show’s stars Wendy Davis tells the AFRO, “It has a really specific style and flavor that’s infectious. The show takes place in the nineties as well as present day and it has in many ways the flavoring of the nineties rom-coms. It has this feel of a much more innocent time and it brings back memories. If you’re over thirty, it’s just going to bring back memories of the nineties.”Wendy Davis, who grew up in East Baltimore, is one of the stars of ‘Love Is__’ on OWN. (Courtesy photo)Cleverly called Wiser Nuri, Davis plays the present day version of the main character Nuri. Davis laughs, “My character’s name is “Wiser Nuri” because look, if you’re getting older and you’re not getting wiser, there’s a problem. Younger Nuri is in the midst of this brand new hot and heavy beautiful amazing love story. It’s interesting to watch the brand new relationship of this couple and be able to also see them twenty years later.”This show isn’t just any romantic comedy though. Much of the material draws from the actual relationship of the show’s creators. The Akil’s have been a Hollywood power couple for over twenty years. Creators committed to their craft, they are laying it all out there for the world to see and learn from. “They also air some dirty laundry,” Davis states. “More than I would if I were in their position and I love that they are getting real with it.”Davis grew up in Joppatowne, Maryland but lived in East Baltimore until she was eight years old. She never forgot about her old haunts though, and regularly trekked to Baltimore when she got older. “I used to love going to Inner Harbor,” she recalls fondly. “That’s where all the cute city boys were.”The Howard University graduate is perhaps most well-known for her award nominated seven season turn as Colonel Joan Burton on Lifetime Network’s Army Wives. That show began in 2007 and Davis marvels at the changes she has seen on the industry since then. “On Army Wives, Sterling K. Brown and I often were the only two people of color on set. With this show, about seventy percent is African-American and that feels miraculous.”Her delight isn’t just about changes in front of the camera.  “Many of the directors are Black women. That’s Mara making a choice to say these women are already super talented and they’re gonna get a chance to work. Traditionally directors have been White men but to have Black women in charge is thrilling.”Part of the reason she feels this way is her own daughter. “I am thrilled to see Black women of all shades but especially dark skinned and brown skinned women get a shot. I have a beautiful brown skinned fifteen-year-old at home and I am thrilled that she can now turn on the TV and see herself as the leading lady.”Davis, like her character, has also grown in wisdom. As satisfied as she is with her career, there is one thing she says she would change. “Professionally I would have developed myself more as a screenwriter and a director. There’s a part of me that is still considering moving into directing. I own an acting school called Acting Pros, and I love helping other actors. It’s my favorite thing to when I’m not working on set.Passionate about her art as well as helping people, Davis started teaching while she was still working on Army Wives in Charleston, South Carolina where the show was filmed. She remembers, “Some days I’d be really busy, some days I wouldn’t. It was in Charleston and I wanted to do something for the local actors who really needed help.”Personally she said, she would have also changed a thing or two. “I would say leave yourself alone. I spent too much time trying to be something I’m not. Life is short. Eat the donut. Enjoy your life, enjoy your friends.”last_img read more

Intl Kolkata Book Fair Take part in lucky draw and win books

first_imgKolkata: The book lovers will get chance to win a book library for their homes worth Rs 1 lakh if they get selected through a lucky draw during the 43rd International Kolkata Book Fair (IKBF) which will be inaugurated on January 31 in presence of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at Salt Lake’s Central Park. On Monday, the Publishers and Booksellers Guild announced that the reason behind the lucky draw is to facilitate the habit of reading.On Monday, Tridib Kumar Chatterjee, general secretary of the Guild, stated that the their slogan for the book lovers is ‘buy books and win a book library.’ He said: “We are going to arrange a lucky draw for the book lovers at the end of the Book Fair on February 11. Four winners will be chosen who will be given books worth Rs 1 lakh along with a designer book shelf so that they will not have to arrange for any space to keep those books. The winners will also get the chance to select the books of their choice.” The Guild authority further informed that there will three halls for the English publications which would be named after poet Nirendranath Chakraborty, writer Dibyendu Palit and author Atin Banerjee who passed away recently. The Little Magazine pavilion will be named after eminent poet Pinaki Thakur. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedApart from the focus country, the Guild has decided to highlight the literature and culture of one Indian Schedule Tribe during the Book Fair for the first time. It will help the people to come close to their cultures and get to know about them too. In the 43rd IKBF, the focus will be the Lepcha community. They will participate with a stall. Over 65 writers, including three established Dalit writers, will enrich the audience at the International Kolkata Book Fair. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseApart from the attractions of the Book Fair, a smartphone application will soon be published for book lovers to locate stalls. Also, information regarding the Book Fair will be provided in the application as well. The application is being developed by the CESC for both android and IOS platforms. The details will also be there on the website. The Guild has also got in touch with the state government and got assurance that the Transport department will provide additional 190 shuttle buses during the Book Fair days from Howrah and Sealdah stations, Ultadanga, Garia, Behala and Shyambazar to Central Park Mela Ground.last_img read more